5 style ideas to incorporate in your 2022 wardrobe

Have you ever noticed, some men always look stylish and put together every time they step out? The elegance and class always seem to come easy to them, their outfits look effortless yet extremely well crafted. When it comes to clothing, your biggest asset is your strategy.

Do they follow some guidelines when dressing up? Yes! And we’ve got you covered with the 5 style ideas to incorporate into your 2022 wardrobe. 

Here are 5 tips you can adapt to flaunt a stylish, chic, and elegant look this year. With Kachins, you can pick your colors, textures, fabrics, and of course different styles, to customize your look and become the talk of town.

1. Classic Colored Shirts

A well-fitted shirt in the right colour can go a long way regardless of the season or trend. We believe in focusing on classic shades for shirts, such as light pink, light blue and lilac. An important colour to consider is cream. It’s simple, you can dress it down or you can dress it up. The best quality? It’s versatile and goes well with most suit options.

We believe the way you dress forms a perception of you. It’s an outward expression of who you are and your personality.

This year let’s also focus on getting rid of those graphic tees and incorporate plain neutral-colored t-shirts in our closet. Adding on, a few well textured sweaters would be an added bonus for those winter days and a pop of color to the outfit. Sweaters can be paired almost easily with shirts, if you are going for a darker shade on your suit, pairing a bright color beneath is like a sunflower in winter, similarly a classic tee with a trench on top can never go wrong. Texture changes everything for a shirt, sweater, and tee. 

2. Moving on – let’s look at Cufflinks

Now, most wouldn’t focus on such a mere detail in their day-to-day dressing, but cufflinks signify elegance and add a touch of luxury to your overall appearance. It can effortlessly change the

look from casual to formal, all whilst helping you stand out in a crowd. Knowing what to choose between silver and gold to complement your suit could be a tough decision, hence we suggest always matching them to your shirt buttons. If your shirt buttons are white, transparent or neutral toned, we recommend silver. However, if they range from black to other darker shades, even red, we’d recommend pairing gold cuff links with them.

3. Well-fitted Trousers 

Slender looks often complement men better than wearing large, baggy, and loose-fitting trousers. A great investment would be to have trousers that offer that sleek look but also don’t stick to your body. Bespoke and crafted for your body, a pair of those trousers are an asset to your wardrobe as you can pair a shirt, polo, and plain t-shirt with them, giving you a classic appearance.

We recommend going with subtle colors ranging from black, white, grey and navy blue to enhance any look in your wardrobe seamlessly.

Thinking of going a little basic? Nude shades are always an asset! Choose bulky fabrics and heavy knits that add weight to your look yet remain in pristine condition giving you that evergreen appearance.

However, stay away from super skinny jeans and pants that are too tapered as they only further accentuate a slender stature. Instead opt for a slim or straight cut, which adds volume to your lower half and makes you appear sturdier.

4. Well-tailored Suit Jackets

We think the perfect essential in one’s closet should be a bespoke suit jacket. Color psychology is simple with suit jackets, as they can be worn with well-fitted trousers to complement that slender look. They can also be dressed down to match that classic tee and denim look for a casual day at the office.

Your go-to items should be the ones that add weight while still being true to size. Suit jackets and blazers instantly create structure and are the slender man’s best friend, so be sure to have several in your rotation. With suit jackets, we always recommend layering sweaters underneath for an extremely clean look. These will assist you with achieving a proportional shape while framing out your torso. Choose suit jackets with a double vent to better cover your backside, and wider lapels to balance out your chest.

At Kachins, you have the freedom to tailor your suits in a manner that will ALWAYS compliment your silhouette.

5. Saving the best for the last – Essentials

This is a factor that goes without saying, no outfit is complete without the final essentials. A subtle yet timeless piece of accessory is a watch.

Incorporating watches into your outfit also breaks down to the color psychology of the outfit. If you have paired up on darker shades, we recommend going with something shiny yet sleek, dusty gold or steering silver watches.

Pro tip: Pairing your watches to match your shoes and belt is super important.

Choosing the right sunglasses? Yes, we know that’s not the first thought in most people’s minds, but sleek sunglasses can really frame your face enabling you to look elegant and classy. We recommend two colors, dusty brown and charcoal. You can dress it up or down without breaking the look. We recommend sunglasses with a thin frame and subtle accents to add that pop of color!

And there you have it folks! Five simple tips and tricks that you can incorporate to switch up those basic looks. 

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