How to Buy the Perfect Tuxedo for Your Next Special Occasion


When it comes to exuding power and elegance, few garments rival the classic Tuxedo. This quintessential symbol of masculinity has stood the test of time, gracing the frames of icons and influencers alike. At Kachins, we understand the importance of a perfectly tailored Tuxedo and the impact it can have on your presence. 

Tuxedo Suit Overview 

A tuxedo isn’t just a suit; it is a statement. Crafted with precision and artistry, a bespoke Tuxedo of Kachins epitomises sophistication. From the lapels to the cuffs, every stitch is meticulously designed to accentuate your silhouette, ensuring a timeless and distinguished appearance.

Comprising a matching jacket and trousers, it exudes timeless charm and refinement. While traditionally black, tuxedo suits ideas can also embrace hues of grey or white, allowing for subtle variations in style.


Styling tip: Elevate your ensemble with a classic white dress shirt and a sleek black tie/bow for a look that exudes effortless grace. For a touch of personal flair, experiment with coloured shirts and patterned ties, ensuring a touch of individuality without compromising on the timeless essence of the tuxedo.

Importance Of A Well-Fitted Tuxedo

Imagine yourself walking into a room, confident and stylish. The inner conviction instilled by a well-fitted tuxedo is more important than its outer appearance. At Kachins, we understand the transformational power of a well-fitted tuxedo, which may improve not just your appearance but also your demeanour. 

How To Wear A Tuxedo Suit?

  • Wearing a Tuxedo Suit to a Wedding

A tuxedo suit is an excellent wedding choice, radiating sophisticated elegance. Choose a traditional combination, such as an immaculate white dress shirt with a sleek black tie, for a classy and timeless look that will ensure you make a lasting impression on this crucial day.

  • Wearing A Tuxedo Suit To Prom

A tuxedo suit is an excellent choice for prom, providing an air of sophisticated sophistication to your wardrobe. Choose a conservative ensemble, such as a white shirt with an immaculate black bow to emanate a subtle yet fashionable appeal that will allow you to stand out and make a statement during this unforgettable event.


What Are Tuxedo Suit Styles? 

  • Peak Lapel Tuxedo Suits Exude Confidence

With its upward-pointing lapels, a peak lapel tuxedo suit makes a statement. This style is ideal for those who want to make a lasting impression, capturing the essence of confidence and panache. It makes it a remarkable choice for special events and situations where standing out is essential.

  • Notch Lapel Tuxedo Suits' Versatility

A notch lapel tuxedo suit, distinguished by a slight notch at the base, provides remarkable versatility and is ideal for various occasions. Its traditional appeal and adaptability make it a popular choice for individuals seeking refined elegance that effortlessly transitions from formal occasions to more relaxed affairs.

  • Shawl Collar Tuxedo Suits Define Elegance

A shawl collar tuxedo suit exudes sophisticated elegance with its smooth, rounded collar that envelops the neck. While less prevalent, this style emanates unparalleled sophistication, making it ideal for individuals looking to make a bold yet modest statement at the most formal and essential gatherings.

What Are Tuxedo Suit Colours? 

  • Brown Tuxedo Suits Have a Sophisticated Charm

Choose a brown tuxedo suit for a fashionable and sophisticated look appropriate for both formal and semi-formal settings. Its rich and inviting tone provides a hint of individuality and refinement, guaranteeing you make a distinct and sophisticated yet fashion-forward impression.

  • The Timeless Allure of Blue Tuxedo Suits

Choose a blue tuxedo suit for a sleek and contemporary look that is appropriate for a variety of semi-formal and informal settings. Its unusual appeal helps you to stand out while being sophisticated. Combine it with a white dress shirt and a black tie for a classic look, or try it with coloured shirts and ties for a more modern look.


  • Black Tuxedo Suits Redefined


Embrace the timeless elegance of a black tuxedo suit, the ideal of classic sophistication and versatility. The black tuxedo suit is a popular choice for formal events such as weddings and black-tie celebrations because of its ability to produce polished ensembles with various shirt and tie combinations, ensuring you emanate an atmosphere of sophisticated elegance on any occasion.

  • Grey Tuxedo Suits Have a More Contemporary Flair

A grey tuxedo suit is ideal for those looking sharp and stylish. Its contemporary colour allows for seamless mixing with a wide range of shirt and tie combinations, ensuring a polished and stylish style that effortlessly stands out.

How to Buy the Perfect Tuxedo for Your Next Special Occasion

1. Understanding Your Style


Consider your preferences and the event’s theme to align with the appropriate Tuxedo type. Whether you want a classy, modern or trendy look, ensuring a harmonious blend of your style and the occasion’s ambience is pivotal in creating an everlasting impression. Choose a tuxedo that speaks volumes of your unique style and personality. 

Styling tip: To elevate your look, incorporate other accessories like a sleek pair of cufflinks or a stylish pocket square accentuating your tuxedo look with sophistication and charm. 

2. Selecting The Right Colour

You can never go wrong with a classic black tuxedo. It is especially true if you're looking for "the one" to be your formal tuxedo for special events. It's also worth noting that some occasions may require a black tuxedo. This is frequently indicated by a "black tie" dress code.

Styling tip: You can incorporate other colours with your classic black tuxedo. You can style different bow ties, tuxedo shoes and accessories like pocket squares. 

3. Choosing The Right Jacket

Generally, tuxedo jackets are made from wool or velvet. However, there are several other modern variations which are gaining popularity. Aside from the material, there are four major factors to consider when selecting the appropriate jacket:

  • Lapels are the vertical satin folds on the front of the jacket. Peak lapels, shawl collars, and notch lapels are all options for lapels. Each label denotes a distinct level of formality.
  • Buttons - You can use plain black buttons or the same colour as the lapel.
  • The vertical slit in the back of a garment is referred to as a vent. Jackets are available in unvented, single-vented, and double-vented configurations. An unvented jacket may be the most attractive, but it can also be the most uncomfortable.
  • Pockets -On the outside of the jacket, there should be three pockets: two inside and one outside.

4. Choosing The Right Trousers

The key to selecting the appropriate trousers is to prioritise two factors: proper fit and simplicity.

With modern suiting, a more tailored and customised fit is becoming the norm for trousers. That means an upsurge in demand for tailored trousers that are shorter and have a tighter fit.

Styling tip: The fit should be gently tapered, with the waist sitting higher than a regular suit. Also, instead of belt loops, choose side-adjusters. If you intend to wear braces, look for trousers with buttons inside the waist rather than clip-on braces.

5. Knowing Your Measurements

A well-fitted tuxedo requires precise measurements. Take the exact chest, waist, and inseam measurements, or seek professional assistance to achieve the right fit, allowing you to exude confidence and comfort effortlessly.

6. Selecting The Accessories

Choose the appropriate tuxedo accessories, such as a beautiful bow tie, smart cufflinks, and a refined pocket square. Ensure that each item complements the style and colour of your tuxedo, providing a touch of sophistication and refinement to the overall suit. Consider adding a kamarband (waistband) and classic suspenders to enhance the traditional and polished look. The kamarband introduces a cultural touch, while well-matched suspenders contribute to a polished appearance and keep your trousers securely in place.

Maintenance and Care Tips

  • Cleaning: Carefully follow the garment care instructions to preserve the fabric's quality and colour vibrancy.
  • Storage: To protect your tuxedo from dust and moisture, store it in a breathable garment bag and hang it on a robust and broad-shouldered hanger.
  • Steaming and pressing: For a clean, finished look, use a steamer to remove creases and retain the fabric's integrity, or hire professional pressing services.
  • Spot Treatment: Treat any stains or spills quickly with moderate spot treatments to avoid permanent fabric damage.
  • Professional treatment: Consult with professional dry cleaners who specialise in handling sensitive textiles regularly to ensure your tuxedo receives the greatest treatment and maintenance for long-term use.

Discover Elegance: Your Timeless Tuxedo Awaits at Kachins

We take pride in presenting an exquisite range of timeless tuxedos that exemplify sophistication and elegance. Step inside our store, and you will be immersed in a world of bespoke tailoring, where your style preferences will be satisfied with excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail. 

Elevate your style with a timeless tuxedo from our store. Book an appointment with our experts today, and let us guide you through finding the perfect tuxedo that complements your style and personality on your special occasion. 

Wrapping Up 

In your quest for the ideal tuxedo, embracing your flair and ensuring a flawless fit are essential. Allow Kachins to be your partner in this endeavour with a range of classic tuxedos crafted with precision and elegance. Experience the pleasure of wearing a tuxedo that not only complements your personality but also expresses your refined taste and sophistication. Make a statement that is uniquely yours on every special occasion with our expert advice and attention to detail.


Can I have the tuxedo tailored to my exact preferences?

Yes, we offer bespoke tailoring services at Kachins to ensure your tuxedo represents your taste.

How do I ensure the proper maintenance of my tuxedo?

To keep the tuxedo in excellent shape, follow our extensive care instructions, which include suitable cleaning and storage practices.

Does Kachins personalise consultation appointments?

Absolutely; book an appointment online or in-store to receive expert guidance and find the perfect tuxedo tailored to your measurements and style preferences.