How to Style Beige Blazers This Season: 11 Beige Blazer Men's Combinations to Look Stunning

Do you own a beige blazer but don’t know how to style it? Or are you planning to buy one and are considering whether it’s a good investment? Whatever it is, let us tell you that a beige blazer is a must-have in your wardrobe this season. And now that you know this, let’s look at the many ways in which you can style it!


As the fashion spotlight turns to the latest trends, blazers have become a must-have for the discerning modern gentleman. With their understated yet captivating charm, beige blazers exude a refined sense of style that transcends seasons and occasions. 

Whether you're attending a high-powered business meeting, enjoying a casual weekend outing, or preparing for a formal event, a beige blazer is your ultimate style companion!

In this blog, we discuss the secrets of creating flawless outfits with beige blazers through 11 stunning combinations that will leave you looking nothing short of incredible! 

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The Colour Theory of Beige in Fashion

When it comes to fashion, colours have a significant role in creating mood, expressing messages, and evoking emotions. Beige is a subtle and versatile colour that has made its mark in the world of fashion. 

The colour is often associated with tranquillity and elegance and is a perfect canvas for presenting other colours. Its modest charm naturally allows other colours to shine, making it an excellent choice for layering and complementing bolder colours. 

This versatile colour seamlessly adapts to any occasion, from beige trench coats for formal elegance to beige knitwear for a cosy vibe.

When it comes to pairing colours with beige, the options are abundant. 

  • Earthy tones like olive green, rust orange, and deep brown harmonise beautifully with beige, creating a grounded and natural aesthetic
  • For a sophisticated and classic look, combine beige with navy blue, charcoal grey, or crisp white. These combinations exude a timeless appeal and work well for formal occasions.
  • Opt for bold hues like deep burgundy, rich emerald green, or mustard yellow to infuse energy and vibrancy
  • However, if you aim for a fresh and airy look, pair beige with pastel shades such as blush pink, sky blue, or soft lavender, making it perfect for spring or summer.

By incorporating beige into our wardrobes, we tap into a world of endless possibilities where we can effortlessly create stylish and impactful looks.

Styling Your Beige Blazer: 11 Stunning Ideas

Here are 11 ways in which you can create new and amazing looks with a simple beige blazer!

Formal Looks

When it comes to formal occasions, a beige blazer can elevate your style and make a sophisticated statement. Here are some ideas on how to style a beige blazer for different formal events, such as business meetings or weddings.

Look 1: Classic Monochrome


This look is full of timeless elegance with a crisp white dress shirt and tailored black trousers, perfectly complemented by a beige blazer. Complete the look with black leather Oxford shoes and minimalistic accessories for a polished finish.

  • Shirt: Crisp white dress shirt
  • Pant: Tailored black trousers
  • Shoes: Black leather Oxford shoes
  • Accessories: Black leather belt, silver wristwatch, and a subtle pocket square

Look 2: Subtle Patterns


Elevate your formal style with a light blue dress shirt featuring a subtle herringbone pattern paired with charcoal grey tailored trousers. Brown leather brogues and carefully selected accessories add a touch of grace to this refined look.

  • Shirt: Light blue dress shirt with a subtle herringbone pattern
  • Pant: Charcoal grey tailored trousers
  • Shoes: Brown leather brogues
  • Accessories: Brown leather belt, silver cufflinks, patterned silk tie, and a coordinating pocket square

Look 3: Tonal Sophistication


Achieve a modern, sophisticated look with a light beige dress shirt and cream-coloured tailored trousers. Enhance the ensemble with tan suede loafers, a textured silk pocket square, and minimalistic accessories for a cohesive and elegant impression.

  • Shirt: Light beige dress shirt
  • Pant: Cream-coloured tailored trousers
  • Shoes: Tan suede loafers
  • Accessories: Tan leather belt, minimalistic leather bracelet, rose gold wristwatch, and a textured silk pocket square

Look 4: Contrasting Colours


This look combines the neutral tone of the beige blazer with the contrasting deep navy colour of the dress shirt and trousers. The dark brown accessories complement the navy tones while adding a touch of richness and texture to the overall look.

  • Shirt: Deep navy dress shirt
  • Pant: Navy blue tailored trousers
  • Shoes:  Dark brown leather monk strap shoes
  • Accessories: Dark brown leather belt, silver chain necklace, navy patterned silk tie, and a sleek pair of sunglasses with a brown tortoiseshell frame.

Smart Casual Looks

While a blazer can be perfect for formal occasions, it can also be styled effortlessly for smart casual or semi-casual looks. Whether it’s a work-related brunch or causal get-togethers with friends, these looks are your go-to!

Look 1: Effortlessly Chic


This look combines a light blue chambray shirt with navy chinos for a relaxed style. Complete the outfit with brown suede loafers, a tan leather belt, and subtle accessories for an effortlessly chic appearance.

  • Shirt:  Light blue chambray button-down shirt
  • Pant: Slim-fit navy chinos
  • Shoes: Brown suede loafers
  • Accessories: Navy and white patterned pocket square, silver chain necklace, and a minimalist leather watch

Look 2: Modern and Polished


A white Oxford shirt paired with light grey tailored trousers is the definition of sophistication. Burgundy brogues, a black leather belt, and refined accessories like cufflinks and a leather bracelet complete this modern, polished look. 

  • Shirt:  White fitted Oxford shirt
  • Pant: Light grey tailored trousers
  • Shoes:  Burgundy leather brogues
  • Accessories: Brown leather bracelet, silver cufflinks, and a sleek black leather watch

Look 3: Relaxed and Stylish


Embrace a laid-back vibe with a striped navy and white T-shirt paired with slim-fit dark wash jeans. White leather sneakers, a woven fabric belt, and casual accessories like sunglasses and a beaded bracelet enhance this super-cool look.

  • Shirt:  Striped navy and white crew-neck T-shirt
  • Pant: Slim-fit dark wash jeans
  • Shoes:  White leather sneakers
  • Accessories: Tortoiseshell sunglasses, a beaded bracelet set, and a casual canvas watch

Look 4: Refined Casual


The refined casual look features a light grey linen long-sleeve shirt paired with tailored khaki trousers. Complete the ensemble with brown leather derby shoes, a navy knit tie, and a leather messenger bag for a chill and friendly look!

  • Shirt: Light grey linen long-sleeve shirt
  • Pant: Tailored khaki trousers
  • Shoes: Brown leather derby shoes
  • Accessories: Navy knit tie, brown leather belt with a silver buckle, and a leather messenger bag

Casual Looks

You can also style a beige blazer for everyday wear. Each of these looks showcases the versatility of a beige blazer in creating a casual yet put-together outfit.

Look 1: Relaxed Rugged Charm


Opt for a white linen button-down shirt for a breezy and lightweight alternative. The breathable fabric adds a touch of sophistication while keeping you comfortable. Pair it with dark indigo jeans, brown suede Chelsea boots, and complementing accessories for a stylish casual look with the beige blazer as the focal point.

  • Shirt: White linen button-down shirt
  • Pants: Dark indigo jeans
  • Shoes: Brown suede Chelsea boots
  • Accessories: Brown leather belt, aviator sunglasses

Look 2: Clean and Minimalist


Embrace a clean and minimalist aesthetic with a white t-shirt and khaki chinos. The beige blazer elevates the look, and the white sneakers maintain a casual vibe. Add a navy blue pocket square for a subtle pop of colour.

  • Shirt: White crew neck t-shirt
  • Pants: Khaki chinos
  • Shoes: White leather sneakers
  • Accessories: Navy blue patterned pocket square

Look 3: Preppy Summer Vibes


Achieve a preppy and summery style with a light grey polo shirt and navy blue tailored shorts. Layer the beige blazer over the polo shirt for a refined touch. Complete the outfit with white canvas loafers and a woven brown leather bracelet.

  • Shirt: Light grey polo shirt
  • Pants: Navy blue tailored shorts
  • Shoes: White canvas loafers
  • Accessories: Woven brown leather bracelet

Beige Blazers in Spotlight: Celebrity Looks

Ayushmann Khurrana

This dapper look by Ayushmann Khurrana is the perfect example of professional attire. This beige suit paired with a formal blue and white striped shirt is a classic look that can never go wrong. And to add a pop of colour, he has enhanced the look with a striped green tie. Clean and crisp, right?

David Beckham

This look by David Beckham is all about class and sophistication. He has paired his beige blazer with navy blue pants and a matching tie, with a formal light blue dress shirt. The colour combination of beige and blues turn out perfectly, making it the ideal formal wear. The pocket square and the sunglasses just elevate the look to new levels!

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds never fails to impress the paparazzi and fans alike with his stylish looks! Here, he elevates a plain beige suit with a light khaki v-neck sweater on top of a white shirt and a greyish-blue tie, creating a monochrome look. It’s the perfect academia aesthetic!

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas is flawlessly donning this beige double-breasted suit like a pro, and here’s why! He has kept the look simple yet impactful by pairing a black tee and black shoes with this monochromatic beige suit. The buttons, the razor-sharp tailoring and the bicep-hugging sleeves add to the fit, making this no-fuss look a true inspiration!

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling looks like a prince charming in this classy, smart and sophisticated look! There’s nothing complicated or extravagant about this outfit – it’s a plain beige suit with a clean and crisp solid white shirt. With no accessories or unnecessary colour, this classic look never goes out of style!

Charles Melton

Charles Melton defies fashion norms by flawlessly combining prints in this relaxed-yet-formal look. He has paired a striped beige blazer with a white vest and white striped shorts. Air Jordans and matching beige socks add flair, while a silver Italian curb chain and sunglasses complete the look. This is the perfect example of stylish complexity!

Jason Mamoa

GOT & Aquaman-fame Jason Mamoa is donning this shiny beige suit like an absolute star! Paired with a light khaki knit shirt, this metallic look shines through it all! His iconic accessories, like the stoned neckpiece and bulky rings, give a touch of individuality to the look. 

Harry Styles

Harry Styles – the king of fashion – is making a fashion statement by flawlessly pairing his striped beige blazer with a white vest and navy bootcut pants. He has also thrown in a light blue scarf to add a touch of relaxed vibes to a smart casual outfit. The brown sunglasses and leather shoes complement the entire look, making it perfect for a stylish summer getaway in Paris. 

Regé-Jean Page

The Bridgerton star Regé-Jean Page got a lot of love and awe for this beautiful ensemble, The outfit features a 2-piece beige suit with floral patterns and a white west to neutralise the look. He accessorised the look with a gold Italian curb chain and bracelet. This flowy and relaxed look deserves all the attention!

Ranveer Singh

Contrary to his usually ‘loud’ outfits, the desi fashion icon – Ranveer Singh is absolutely killing it in this beige casual suit! The outfit features a white crew-neck t-shirt, a casual beige blazer, and regular-fit trousers. While this might pass off as a semi-formal look, the loose fit, slip-on sneakers, and the locket detail gives this look a casual-chic vibe, making it the best of both worlds!

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In the world of men's fashion, a classic beige blazer stands tall as a timeless and versatile piece that exudes sophistication and refinement. 

As discussed in this blog, the possibilities for styling beige blazers are endless. Whether you opt for a formal ensemble, smart casual attire, or a laid-back look, the beige blazer effortlessly elevates your style quotient. 

By carefully selecting complementary colours, experimenting with accessories, and taking inspiration from celebrity fashion, you can create stunning combinations that showcase your individuality. 

Trust us, you're going to keep coming back to this one fashion piece once you have mastered the art of styling it!


1. Can I wear a beige blazer with a patterned shirt?

Yes, you can wear a beige blazer with a patterned shirt. Opt for a shirt with a subtle pattern to create visual interest without overwhelming the overall look.

2. Can I wear a beige blazer with jeans?

Yes, you certainly can. Pairing a beige blazer with jeans might result in an amazing smart-casual look. For a more refined look, wear a darker wash and tailored fit.

3. What occasions are suitable for wearing a beige blazer?

Beige blazers are versatile and suitable for various occasions. They work well for formal events like business meetings or weddings, as well as smart-casual gatherings or evening outings.

4. What accessories can I add to enhance my beige blazer men's combination?

Add accessories such as a pocket square, tie, cufflinks, or wristwatch to complement your beige blazer. These small details can improve your overall appearance and give you a personal touch.

5. What is the best shoe colour that goes well with a beige blazer men's combination?

Brown shoes go well with a beige blazer. Choose colours such as tan, cognac, or dark brown. Brown shoes are a comfortable and classy match that enhances the beige blazer's neutral tones.