Best Place to Buy Custom Suit Online in 2024


The timeless art of bespoke tailoring has gracefully transitioned into the digital age, blending the convenience of online shopping with the meticulous craftsmanship of custom suit-making. In 2024, discerning gentlemen have the luxury of accessing world-class tailoring services at their fingertips. 

This blog aims to guide you through the top destinations for those seeking the perfect amalgamation of style, quality, and convenience in their pursuit to buy custom suit online.

Best Place to Buy Custom Suit Online in 2024

  • Kachins Couture


Founded in 1981 in Dubai, Kachins Couture has cemented its status as the premier destination for luxury custom tailoring. Having established 4 stores across UAE, namely Artigians by Kachins, Kachins Tailor & Trading, Kachins Signature and Kachins Couture, in the last four decades, Kachins has dressed heads of state, captains of industry and celebrities with its exquisite bespoke creations. 

Its team of master tailors brings an average of 15 years of experience each to the task of creating suits that highlight a man's unique physique and sense of style.

What truly sets Kachins apart is its dedication to personal service. Every customer works one-on-one with their assigned tailor from initial measurements through multiple consultation sessions. 

Together, they select fabrics from top mills like Vitale Barberis Canonico and Holland & Sherry, choose styles, and ensure a perfect fit through progressive fittings. This bespoke process results in suits that feel tailored specifically for the wearer.

Even with its online storefront, Kachins prioritises human interaction. Customers can video chat with their personal tailor to discuss designs in-depth. And with express shipping, bespoke garments can be delivered worldwide within 2 weeks. 

The brand also offers ready-to-wear pieces and accessories for those seeking luxury with less fuss.

Overall, Kachins' multi-decade heritage, unmatched standards of craftsmanship and dedicated customer service make it the top choice for discerning men seeking the finest custom suits online.

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Other Top Contenders

While Kachins stands out as the premier option, several other retailers excel in their own areas and deserve consideration:

  • Suited & Booted

Suited & Booted brings a unique blend of expertise and dedication, offering personalised attention throughout the tailoring journey. Specialising in crafting bespoke suits for any occasion, they stay abreast of the latest trends and styles. 

Their comprehensive guide, from initial booking to the final collection, ensures a tailored experience that caters to every client's distinct needs, making them a notable contender in the bespoke tailoring world.

  • Parmar Tailors 

Boasting a rich history dating back to 1956, Parmar Tailors is a fusion of innovation, luxury, and tradition. Spearheaded by seventh-generation tailors, they employ advanced technology for unmatched precision in every garment. 

Offering a diverse range of custom suits and accessories, Parmar Tailors addresses individual style preferences with their distinct made-to-measure brands, making them a hallmark of bespoke excellence.

  • M2M

Since its inception in 2009, M2M has been at the forefront of bespoke tailoring experiences in Dubai. Their process, encompassing everything from fabric selection to final delivery, is thorough, ensuring each suit is a masterpiece of balance, proportion, and finesse. 

M2M's dedication to handcrafted excellence positions them as a distinguished choice for those seeking bespoke garments of the highest caliber.

  • 8th Lining

8th Lining is at the cutting edge of bespoke tailoring with its innovative 3D body scanning technology. With an extensive collection of over 2,000 fabrics and access to world-class tailors, they offer suits that epitomise comfort and style. 

Their technology-first approach guarantees a perfect fit, making them a premier destination for made-to-measure suits in Dubai.


In 2024, the journey to buy custom suit online leads to a variety of exceptional tailors, each offering unique strengths and specialties. 

However, Kachins Couture stands out with its rich heritage, exquisite fabric selection, and dedication to marrying tradition with contemporary trends. 

Whether you are in pursuit of timeless elegance or a modern sartorial statement, these tailors provide the best in bespoke suit-making, ensuring that every customer steps out in confidence, sophistication, and unparalleled style.


What is a custom suit?

A custom suit is a suit that is tailored specifically for an individual customer based on their exact body measurements and style preferences. It is made from fabric selected by the customer and adjusted through multiple fittings until it fits them perfectly.

What are the benefits of a custom suit?

The key benefits of a custom suit include a perfect fit that flatters your body type, long-lasting quality from being precisely crafted, versatility to match any occasion, and a unique look that cannot be found off-the-rack. A custom suit is an investment that you can enjoy for years.

How does the custom suit process work?

The custom suit process typically involves an initial consultation to discuss your needs, taking detailed body measurements, selecting fabric and style elements, a muslin fitting to check proportions, adjustments, and a final bespoke fitting. Reputable tailors offer multiple fittings to ensure flawless results.

What should I consider when choosing a tailor?

Some factors to consider include the tailor's experience, quality of construction, fabric selection, pricing and packages offered, online or in-person services, turnaround time, refund/exchange policies, reputation, and reviews from past customers. Visit showrooms if possible and ask about tailor credentials.

What fabrics are best for custom suits?

Some top fabrics for suits include wool, cashmere, linen, and silk. Winter suits benefit from sturdier woolens, while tropical climates suit lighter fabrics. Classic options are mid-weight worsted wool, linen-cotton blends, and lighter wool-cashmere. Opt for fabric quality over trendy styles. Solid colors like navy, charcoal, and grey pair well in any setting.

How do I maintain my custom suit?

Proper care is key to maximising your custom suit's lifespan. Dry clean only as required, avoid direct heat or sunlight, store with cedar blocks, or fold with acid-free tissue. Regular pressing helps maintain the structure. For minor stains, dab softly and test inconspicuous areas first before laundering. Reputable tailors also offer bespoke alterations as needed.