Dress like Harvey Specter from Suits

If you have watched the 2011 high-stakes legal drama, Suits, you’d be familiar with the lead character, Harvey Specter. The lawyer swooned over the audience with his efficacious persona and swaggering good looks. He became popular for wearing exceptionally well-tailored suits that purported a sense of authority and power. Here are 4 ways you can dress like Harvey Specter from Suits.


1. The Business Suit

Harvey Specter sported a no-nonsense, classic business suit. This reflected professionalism, dominance and his top rank in the hierarchy. Specter stayed away from loud prints and chose colours such as grey, navy and charcoal. All of Specter’s suits had two buttons, and as a sign of etiquettes he only buttoned the top button. All the suits were made with luxe fabrics such as 100% wool or silk-wool blend, that gave the suit that lustre and charisma.


2. Peaked Lapels

Most of Harvey Specter’s suits featured wide and sharp lapels that are elegant and made him look broader and intimidating. This increased the formality level, represented that he is at the top of the rank hierarchy and added to his masculine physique.


3. Simple shirting & accessories

Harvey Specter was always seen in pale blue, crisp white or muted toned shirts. All his shirts featured the monogram detail on the cuff. He accessorised with barrel or French cufflinks and a Windsor knot tie to go with that wide cut Italian collars. For ties, he always chose silk fabric to stay on point.


4. Vest

Harvey Specter always styled his suit with a vest that matched his jacket and trousers. He chose single breasted vests, tailored with a V cut. Pro tip: Leave the bottom button of the vest open.

To quote Harvey Specter, “People respond to how you dress.” Throughout the series Specter wore his suits like an armour; portraying power, confidence and dominance.