Impress Yourself With New Fabrics For Men


Are you looking to refresh your wardrobe with some exciting materials but not sure where to start? Well, you've come to the right place. In this blog, we will explore various new fabrics for men, perfect for expressing your unique personal style while feeling confident and comfortable. We guarantee you'll impress even yourself by exploring different options beyond your regular materials. Let's get started!

New Fabrics For Men To Look Out For

Here are some fabrics for men to look out for.

1. Cotton


One of the most versatile natural fibres out there. Known for being lightweight, durable and breathable, cotton is a staple for warm-weather clothing. 

Some new styles you'll want to check out include linen-cotton blends, which have a touch more structure than regular cotton. Or try slub cotton- a textured variation with subtle bumps and flaws that give it a relaxed, lived-in look. 

You really can't go wrong with a classic cotton button-down or polo for the office or weekend.
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2. Lenin


Another top choice is linen. Made from flax fibres, linen regulates temperature beautifully and gets even softer with every wash. It's the perfect fabric for spring and summer when you want to look polished without overheating. 

For a new take on linen, try a shirt or pants made from Irish linen. With its subtle sheen and fine weave, Irish linen has a dressier appearance that works for the boardroom or date night. 

You'll turn heads in linen without even trying.

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3. Wool


For those cooler months, wool is king. Naturally insulating and moisture-wicking, wool keeps you warm and comfortable. One thing I love about wool is the variety of weaves - from lightweight merino to heathered tweeds. 

This season, experiment with technical wool fabrics like performance flannel, which has stretch for easy movement. Or polished wool trousers for a refined business casual look. 

Wool coats, blazers and sweaters never go out of style either. Plus, they breathe better than synthetics, so you won't overheat indoors.

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4. Silk


Luxury lovers, silk for you. This ultra-smooth fibre has a sensual, almost decadent hand feel that immediately elevates any outfit. While dress shirts are a no-brainer, silk polos, pyjamas and pocket squares add refined touches. 

For something new, try a silk bomber jacket- a modern take on a classic moto style. With its wrinkle-resistant properties, silk travels wonderfully, too. Pair a silk button-down with tailored chinos for the perfect business trip ensemble. 

Shine through your style with silk fabric.

5. Cashmere


Now let's talk cosy- cashmere. Known for being incredibly soft and insulating, cashmere is worth the investment. Look for new takes on knits like cashmere hoodies or crewnecks- great for lounging or layering. 

Cashmere blended with merino wool creates a hardwearing fabric, too. And cashmere topcoats are having a moment- timeless outerwear to see you through many fall and winter seasons. 

You won't find a more luxurious material to keep you toasty in style.

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6. Synthetics and Blends



Synthetics and their blends also deserve a mention. While they may not have the natural breathability of wool, their performance attributes are undeniable. 

For the gym or travelling, look at sweat-wicking polos, shorts and joggers made from technical fabrics like polyester, nylon and elastane blends. These hybrid materials regulate temperature, resist odours and dry quickly- perfect for an active lifestyle. 

You can also find wool-synthetic combinations that offer the best of both worlds.

6. Denim, Corduroy and Tweed


Denim never disappoints with its durability and versatility. Dark, rigid and broken-in jeans pair with everything. Try a denim jacket for a casual layering piece. 

Corduroy is having a renaissance, too- in warm autumnal shades for pants and shirts. 

As for tweed, nothing says refined heritage like a tweed blazer or overcoat. Mix these staples with natural fabrics for effortlessly stylish separates.

Choosing The Right Fabric For Men!

Here are some tips on how to choose the suitable fabric for men:

  • Consider the activity/occasion: Choose fabrics based on how you use the garment. For example, opt for breathable fabrics for workouts and quick-drying fabrics for outdoor activities.
  • Feel the texture: Make sure the fabric feels comfortable against your skin. Test different weaves and textures to see what you prefer. Harsh or itchy materials should be avoided.
  • Check the care requirements: Easier care fabrics like polyester are better for busy men. Consider dry cleaning needs vs machine washable fabrics.
  • Durability matters: Look at how durable the fabric is based on expected wear. Denim is very durable, but linen may need replacing more often.
  • Weather in mind: Choose fabrics suitable for your climate. Linen and cotton are great for warm weather. Wool and fleece are better insulators for colder climates.
  • Fit is key: Some fabrics like jersey have stretch for comfort, while stiffer fabrics like corduroy are less flexible. Consider fitting with different fabrics.
  • Budget-friendly: Balance cost with quality. Affordable fabrics like polyester can be very practical choices for men.
  • Style preferences: Consider your personal style and pick fabrics that suit your aesthetic, like rugged fabrics for casual looks.
  • Blends work well: Fabric blends often combine the qualities of different textiles for great all-round performance.

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Whether you choose natural fabrics like cotton, linen and wool or synthetic blends, experimenting with different textures and weaves will keep your outfits fresh. 

Luxury fabrics like silk, cashmere, and tweed add refined touches that elevate any look. Most importantly, find fabrics you feel confident and comfortable in. With so many options to choose from, you're sure to discover new favourites to take your wardrobe to the next level. 

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Which type of cloth is the most suitable for men?

The most suitable fabrics for men are cotton, wool and linen. Cotton is lightweight, breathable and versatile, making it ideal for casual and business wear throughout the year. Wool is naturally insulating and moisture-wicking, keeping men warm and comfortable in cooler weather. Linen regulates temperature beautifully in spring and summer and has a polished, dressier appearance for work or dates.

Which cloth material looks expensive?

Silk and cashmere are two fabric materials that generally look expensive. Both silk and cashmere are luxury fibres- silk is ultra-smooth, while cashmere is incredibly soft and insulating. Their high-end textures and feel immediately elevate any outfit, making clothes made from silk or cashmere appear quite expensive and refined.

Which is the king of fabric?

Cotton is often considered the king of fabric. It is a versatile natural fiber that is breathable, absorbent, and comfortable to wear. Cotton has been widely used for clothing and other textiles for centuries.

What fabrics are available in Kachins Couture?

Kachins Couture offers a wide selection of high-quality fabrics from around the globe. They source materials from Italy, Switzerland, the UK and beyond, providing options like cotton, linen, wool, cashmere, silk and more. Visitors can find natural and synthetic fabrics at Kachins Couture to customise truly unique pieces.

What are expensive suits made of?

Expensive suits are often made of high-quality fabrics like wool or cashmere. These fabrics are soft, breathable, and durable. Some very expensive suits also use silk or rare animal fibres like vicuña to make the fabric even more luxurious.