Dress to Impress: The Custom Tailored Suit / Dress for Your Next Date


Finding the perfect outfit to wear on a night out with someone special can really make a difference. Everything from your hair to your shoes impacts how good you feel about your appearance and confidence.

A custom tailored suit is a great option to dress to impress for essential events. Style icons and fashionable people who always look incredible at big events have one thing in common- they get their suits custom-tailored.

This blog explores everything you need to know about custom suits to help you create an incredible look for your next special occasion. We will share some tips to look your best and impress your date!

The Importance Of Dressing Well For A Date


Getting ready for a date can be stressful, right? You want to look good but not too fancy. The most important thing is feeling comfortable with what you're wearing. But you don't need to go over the top. Pick something you feel confident in that's one step up from your usual. Your date will appreciate that you took the time to look presentable. And it can boost your mood, too! 

As long as you feel like yourself in what you choose, we are sure they'll notice the effort- not the label. Comfort and confidence are essential, so keep it casual but put together.

Why Choose A Custom Tailored Suit?


A custom tailored suit is the perfect date night outfit choice for a few key reasons.

  • Fit like a glove: Instead of squeezing into off-the-rack sizes that never seem right, a custom suit is explicitly tailored to your measurements. No more pulling or bunching in weird places!
  • Comfy to the core: A tailored suit moves with your body instead of against it. The fabric and structure are designed for your natural shape, so it feels like a second skin.
  • Sculpted sophistication: A custom suit shows off your best features since it's made just for you. The style and details are chosen to complement your height, shape, and proportions.
  • Confidence booster: Wearing something that fits you to a T makes you taller. Knowing you look polished and put together is a real self-esteem boost.
  • Crafted to last: Quality tailoring is an investment that stands the test of time. A well-made custom suit will serve you for years, saving money in the long run compared to disposable fast fashion.
  • Wear it whenever: Unlike trends that date quickly, a tailored suit is versatile enough for work and play. It's appropriate for casual and dressier occasions, so you'll get your money's worth of wear.

Choose The Suitable Fabric For Your Custom Tailored Suit

Some top suiting fabric options to consider that offer versatility, structure, and breathability are 

  • Tropical wool and wool-silk blends, which work well for warm climates
  • Linen and linen blends provide lightweight breathability for hot and humid climates
  • Cotton suits the lifestyle of creative fields
  • Synthetic blends incorporate stretch for active men
  • Stretch fabrics smooth lines and allow ease of movement
  • Breathable cotton, linen and silk suit warmer/humid climates

The Different Styles Of Tailored Suits


Now that we've covered suiting fabrics, here are some popular tailored suit styles to consider.

For Men:

  • Single Breasted: It is a classic choice as it is versatile and timeless. Opt for a 2-button or 3-button option, depending on your body type.
  • Double Breasted: It is more formal with its overlapping front and adds visual interest and structure. Great for dressier events.
  • Slim Fit: A modern tailored fit that hugs the body without being tight and flattering.
  • Tweed Sport Coat: Pair tweed pants with a sports coat instead of a full suit for a casual date.

For Women:


  • Pant Suit: Sharp, polished and powerful. Choose wide or slim-leg pants in a fabric like wool or linen.
  • Skirt Suit: Feminine and flirty. Knee-length pencil or A-line skirts pair well with blazers.
  • Jumpsuit: A one-piece option that's easy to wear. Great if you want the look of a suit without separate pieces.
  • Blazer Dress: For warm weather, wear a blazer over a matching dress for a coordinated set.
  • Contrast piping and colour blocking add flair
  • Lace and sheer panel detailing lend subtle glamour

A Perfectly Tailored Suit Will Be…

Jackets & Blazers


  • Shoulder seams align with the bony points of your shoulders without drooping over
  • Armholes are high enough to allow complete mobility without pulling across the chest
  • Sleeves graze the wrist bone when arms are down without exposing too much cuff or shirt
  • The narrowest part of the waist tapers in gently without gaping buttons
  • No pulling at the button closure when seated
  • Smooth drape through the torso without wrinkling, sagging or tightness
  • The jacket length falls just below the curve of your seat for legroom

Trousers & Skirts


  • The waistline sits smoothly at your natural waistpoint without pinching
  • Thighs have comfortable ease of movement when walking and sitting
  • Trouser legs taper gently with a leg-lengthening break at the top of your shoe
  • The hem just grazes the top of your heel without pooling
  • Skirt lengths hit at the optimal flattering point on your leg, whether mini, midi or maxi!

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But Why Choose Suits For Men And Women?


Beyond looking and feeling fabulous, here are some specific benefits of investing in a custom tailored suit.

  • Comfort: When a suit is tailored to your exact measurements, it will fit you like a glove without being restrictive. You'll be comfortable all night long.
  • Flawless Fit: Off-the-rack suits are one-size-fits-all and will never hug your curves or fit your unique body shape and a custom suit. There will be no awkward gaps or bulges.
  • Durability: A suit constructed specifically for your body won't wear out as quickly around problem areas like the shoulders or waist. 
  • Versatility: Besides wearing your suit for dates, you can dress it up or down for work events, weddings, and more. The options are endless.
  • Customisation: Choose fabrics, colours, lapel styles, pocket designs- anything can be customised to suit your taste and style when tailoring from scratch.
  • Value: A well-made tailored suit that's cared for properly can last a decade or longer. The upfront investment is well worth it, considering the longevity and versatility.

Essential Elements Of A Well-Fitted Suit


Look out for

  • Shoulders: Should fit smoothly over your natural shoulder shape without gaps.
  • Sleeves: End at the precise point on your wristbone, about 1/4 inch above the wrist crease.
  • Waist Suppression: The jacket waist should gently curve inwards, not pull or gape outward.
  • Jacket Length: Hits at your proper waist position, right at the top of your hipbone.
  • Pants Rise: Sits comfortably at your natural waist without sagging. Hemmed to the appropriate length.
  • Clean Seams: All seams lie flat against your body without puckering or twisting.

Tips For Styling Your Custom-Tailored Suit


Here are some tips for putting together polished yet approachable date night looks with your new tailored suit.

  • Dress shirts: Crisp white is classic, but patterned or pastel shirts add visual interest.
  • Ties: For men, keep it simple with knits, solids or small patterns. Skip loud prints.
  • Pocket squares: For men, a neatly folded square adds polish. Opt for coordinating colours.
  • Jewellery: For women, pair your suit with delicate earrings, a watch and rings.
  • Shoes: Loafers or oxfords for men. Heels, flats or sandals for women, depending on the season.
  • Accessories: Belts, hats, scarves- add one polished accessory to finish the look.
  • Makeup: For women, go for a natural daytime look with a pop of colour on the lips.
  • Hair: Keep it neat and styled but not overdone.


A custom tailored suit helps you put your best foot forward for that special big date. With precision tailoring designed to flatter your specific physique, optimal comfort and versatility, endless styling possibilities, and next-level artistry, it's an investment in confidence that will serve you for years.


Why are custom suits expensive?

Custom suits require specialised labour and expertise from skilled tailors to draft patterns and ensure a perfect fit for each individual. Also, custom suits use higher-quality fabrics that are often imported, making the materials more costly. Combining expert labour and premium fabrics results in a higher price point than off-the-rack suits.

How do tailors make custom suits?

Tailors will first take extremely accurate body measurements of the client and discuss their preferred style, fabric and details. Using these measurements, they will hand cut and construct a suit from the selected fabric tailored to the client's unique body shape and proportions.

Is it okay to wear a suit on a date?

Yes, wearing a suit can be perfectly appropriate for a date. A well-tailored suit exudes confidence and shows that you put in effort with your appearance. It's also versatile enough to dress up or down, depending on where you're going for your date. Overall, a suit is a classic, stylish choice that will leave a great impression.

Is it normal for a girl to wear a suit?

Yes, it's completely normal for a girl or woman to wear a suit. Suits have become much more widely accepted for women in professional and formal settings. A tailored suit can be as flattering and empowering for women as it is for men. With the growing popularity of pantsuits and blazers, suits have emerged as a chic and versatile outfit option for any woman.

How do you look fashionable in a suit?

To look fashionable in a suit, focus on tailoring for a flawless fit, accessorise with stylish shoes, belts, ties or jewellery to complement the suit, and opt for vibrant suit fabrics, patterns or colours to add visual interest and personality to an otherwise classic piece. Properly fitted and styled with accessories, a suit can be polished and fashion-forward.