Get Halloween Ready With Kachins Couture!

Shopping for Halloween costumes should not have to be a mundane task. Whether you are planning ahead and need something tailored to perfection or procrastinating till the last minute and need a quick pick up, Kachins Couture has an option for you.

Unlike that polyester zombie outfit, you were about to panic buy, these last-minute Halloween costumes are actually going to make you look and feel good. Here are some suave costume ideas to get you started, all custom made to perfection at Kachins Couture.

King of Cinema: Duke of Hastings

No denying, Netflix is a huge part of all our lives, so why not take inspiration from some our favourite fictional characters?

Bridgerton’s Duke of Hastings made it big, not just for his attitude but also his style. Replicate his look and feel like a real duke!

What you’ll need: A high collared crisp tailored suit, longer than the average suit length, paired with straight-edge trousers & finished with formal black shoes for finesse.

King of Music: Prince

With over 1000 coloured fabrics, we can help you design the suit of your dreams.

What you’ll need: A purple suit or blazer and a ruffled shirt to complete the look.

Fashion Icon: Karl Lagerfield

Want to make a fashion statement like no other? What better inspiration than the fashion legend himself.

What you’ll need: A black or grey suit, paired with a matching overcoat, fingerless gloves and sunglasses to finish the look.