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They say clothes make a man, but what about clothes made for you? With well-fitted clothing, confidence has no bounds. The way the shirt clings to your body, the quality of the fabric, and the elegance of the design are the things that make you feel the best.

Tailor-made clothes are essential for men's fashion because they enhance one's appearance and reflect one's personality and style. Though off-the-rack clothing can be convenient, it is often ill-fitted and needs a touch of customisation. Tailor-made shirts and Custom Suits symbolise grandeur and elegance.

A well-tailored suit or shirt can leave an indelible impression wherever you go. Kachin Couture, with their expertise in custom tailoring, has been a leader in men's clothing since 1981, thanks to their experience and exquisite craftsmanship.

Kachin Couture specialises in tailoring garments to your precise measurements, producing elegant and sophisticated pieces, making them a popular destination for custom suits and shirts for men.

6 Things to Know if You Are Going to Stitch a Custom-made Suits & Shirts for Men

1. Finding the Right Tailor at Kachin Customer

Finding the right tailor can be a hassle, but with Kachin's Couture, it's no longer a problem. Our skilled team at Kachin's Couture will dedicatedly provide you with exquisite craftsmanship and personalised services, ensuring only the best. From finding the finest fabrics to refining the most minor details, we strive for excellence in our work. With a keen eye for detail and commitment to quality, we ensure that every stitch brings life to your vision. We at Kachin's Couture believe that everyone deserves clothing that fits perfectly.

2. Understanding Fabrics

Fabrics play a significant part in the look and feel of the shirt or suit that you're about to tailor. When it comes to fabrics, Kachin's Couture has a wide range of choices from all over the world. Our in-house seamstress hand picks fabrics from across Europe to custom-make pieces for every suit. Renowned brands such as Holland & Sherry, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Huddersfield Fine Worsted, Scabal, Lanificio F.lli Cerruti, and perfectly engineered finest fabrics under "Kachin's Signature Collection," will offer you a broad spectrum to choose from. Stitch to stitch, button to button; our collection weaves legacy in the forefront of luxury wear.

3. Know Your Style

Every blazer style tells a different story. From button detailing to the cut-out of the blazer, each combination gives different outcomes. Before you stitch a tailor-made shirt or custom suit for men, research the styles and decide on a look. When it comes to choosing a style for your suit or a shirt, the internet has a cornucopia of options, and it can be overwhelming. Pinterest will help with the looks. Choose whether you want a modern or classic look, double-breasted or single-breasted. The key to bringing your vision to life is communicating with your tailor. Bringing those reference images will be of great help.

4. Fit is Everything

Fit is everything when it comes to tailored shirts for men. A perfectly tailored suit should strike a perfect balance between a snug fit and comfort. Our skilled tailors at Kachin's will take precise measurements and guide you with epic combinations of styles and fittings that will complement your body type. Remember, what may look good on somebody will not look good on others, too. Don't be shy to voice your vision and opinion on your comfort and style. Communicate openly during the fitting process because the goal is to create a piece that is good to look at and great to wear.

5. Investment vs. Expense

For those looking to develop a unique style and make an impression, custom clothing is an investment rather than an expense. Beyond the snug fit and the immediate satisfaction, custom-made suits and tailored shirts are pieces that will stand the test of time. While the initial cost of tailoring a shirt or a custom suit might be more than that of ready-made ones, the advantage lies in the premium quality and sophisticated fit. Ensure that you work hand in hand with your tailor to perfect the look that you are looking for. Our tailors at Kachin's exhibit exquisite craftsmanship & attention to detail, resulting in a piece that you will treasure for years to come.

6. The Fitting Process

Be prepared for multiple fittings. During these, the tailor will make adjustments to ensure the final product is what you envisioned. Be patient and communicate openly with your tailor for the best results; while it may be time-consuming, it will guarantee a flawless finish. During these fitting sessions, patience is key. Go as many fittings as you want until you make any necessary changes to achieve the best results. The process of custom tailoring is a collaborative effort between you and the tailor, and by working together, you can ensure a great piece.

Tips for Prolonging Life of Tailored Garments

  1. Use proper storage: Hang them on hangers, store garments properly, use garment bags for delicate items, and avoid overcrowding to prevent wrinkles & dust.
  1. Follow Care Instructions: Follow the label care instructions for the garment's fabric, such as hand washing, dry cleaning, or gentle machine washing.
  1. Rotate Clothing: Rotate clothing to prevent stretching or deformation, reduce wear and tear on specific areas, and allow time for rest between wears.
  1. Avoid Overwashing: Washing clothing frequently can cause fibres to break down, so air out garments between wears or spot clean stains.
  1. Address Stains Promptly: Treat stains using appropriate techniques, avoid harsh chemicals and avoid abrasive cleaners to prevent fabric damage.
  1. Protect from Sunlight and Heat: Store clothing away from direct sunlight and use air-drying or low-heat settings instead of high-temperature settings.
  1. Regular Maintenance: Regularly inspect garments for signs of wear, loose threads, or damage, repair minor issues promptly, and invest in professional alterations.

Tailored Clothing for Various Occasions

When it comes to tailoring the perfect custom suit for occasions, it is essential to know the specific event's dress code and tone. For business or formal event opt classic colours like navy, charcoal or black which leave an great first impression. These colour paired with a crisp white shirt of snug firt will display professionalism and sophistication. For an additional personal touch give attention to details like cuffs collars and button placements this will elevate your overall look.

For casual events, opt for more versatile fits with personal expressions. Consider fabrics with bold colours and patterns. Pair it with perfectly tailored pants that clings to your lower body in perfect places. When selecting for your occasions choose luxurious fabrics like silk or velvet with subtle detailing and embellishments choose unique accessories to go with it. By customising your outfit you can ensure a polished and confident look that will leave a lasting impression.


Tailor-made shirts for men can open up doors for professionalism and confidence. They provide a perfect fit, superior quality and customisation. Investing in bespoke clothing for men not fit perfectly but also reflects your personality and preferences.

Kachin's couture is place where Dubai's tailoring legacy begins. Serving the art of custom tailoring we provide the custom shirt and suits for men from the finest clothing while staying true to our heritage. We look out for the trends in the market and stay updated. We are a one stop shop for all your custom tailoring needs.

Being rooted to our motive we take up orders online and we deliver it to your around the globe. If you are ready to ace up your wardrobe with tailor made shirts and custom suits for men, we invite you to Kachin's couture. Our super dedicated team will help you with personalised tailoring experience to suit your expectations.


Why should I choose tailor-made shirts over off-the-rack options?

You should choose tailor-made shirts over off-the-rack options because tailor made clothing offer a snug fit and options for customisation while adding a personal touch to your outfit.

Are tailor-made shirts and custom suits worth the investment?

Absolutely, tailor-made shirts and custom suits worth the investment crafted with superior quality materials and precision tailoring, ensuring longevity and perfect fit.

Can I make alterations to my custom suit after it's made?

Yes. You can make alterations to your custom suit after it's made. Some tailors offer complimentary alterations to ensure your suit fits perfectly.

How do I care for tailor-made shirts and custom suits?

Follow the care instructions provided by your tailor, which may include dry cleaning, hand washing, or machine washing on a gentle cycle.