Suit Up With The Right Colour

You can never go wrong with the right colour. But how do you know what the right colour is?

Suiting up is more than just throwing something on — it’s an art in itself. The colours we wear affect us more than we realise, and that is why understanding colour psychology is key. While perceptions of colour are subjective to some extent, there are some colour effects that have a universal meaning.

One can have different ways of approaching colours; it can either be picking based on the mood they are in OR picking based on the mood they want to be in.

Let’s dive into the world of colours and discover their impacts:

Men in Black

We can’t promise that you’ll become quasi-government agents, but we can guarantee you that this power color will make you stand out with a hint of mysteriousness and seriousness. If you want to be taken seriously, the standard black suit with a touch of white or blue works wonders.

Feeling Blue?

Associated with sadness sometimes, wearing blue essentially has a more positive outcome than a negative one. Having a calming effect, it’s the most stable colour and gives a very smart look — linking to the intellect.

Go Green

Yes, go green for the planet and suits too. This colour implies freshness and harmony — one that brings out the best in anyone. Charming in its own way, green will definitely put you on Santa’s nice list.


Bros in the house, brown is calling you. Strength, security, and balance, it’s got it all! This colour allows you to feel reliable and hardworking, making those around you look up to you — especially your bros.

Whiten Your Life

Want to brighten your life? Wearing white might just be the answer. Representing purity and positivity, it does its magic and works well with all other colours.

Caution: Don’t overdo it though — a hint is just enough!

Exploring color psychology allows us to understand what these colours represent and the moods that are created out of them. It gives us a chance to play around and pair our outfits accordingly, giving us the upper hand in choosing our mood for the day, rather than our mood choosing our final look.

Maybe it’s time to revamp our wardrobes — what colours speak to you the most?