28 Garment Care Tips By Kachins: The Best Way To Care For Your Custom-Made Suits, Shirts & Trousers

Caring for your suits and garments is easy, as long as you’re willing to spend time and effort on your custom-made investments. It is something that every aspiring gentleman should know how to do. With proper upkeep, everything from your bespoke Kachins suit to your custom-fit shirts and trousers will be looking sharp. 

Here are Kachins’ tips and tricks for proper garment cleaning, storage, and travel by the fabrics of your quality garments. 

Garment Care 101: Suits, Shirts & Trousers


  1. Choosing a good dry cleaner is very important, they are taking care of your treasured garments. Avoid dry cleaners that outsource their cleaning to a larger facility, try to find somewhere that does everything in-house. If they only do dry cleaning and no laundry services, even better.
  2. After each use, make sure to hang your suit on a broad-shouldered hanger. This ensures your suit keeps its shape on the shoulders. The same applies to your shirts as well, broad-shouldered hangers prevent unnecessary folds and bubbles after washing, unlike thinner metal/plastic hangers. 
  3. Brush down your trousers after every use to ensure any dirt or debris on the bottom is removed. Use a damp toothbrush to rub away any mud. 
  4. Give your suit around 48 hours of rest between use. This way, your suit will have time to properly dry and return to its original shape before being used again.
  5. While storing your suits and trousers ensure that the pockets are empty of any belongings, this will pull the fabrics of the garments downward and loosen them up slowly. 
  6. Sort your shirts by colour before washing them by separating light and darker shades. Wash on a gentle speed and a low spinning cycle. Remove the shirts when still damp, and leave them on a hanger to dry with the top button on the collar closed. 
  7. Make sure to unzip your suit bag if you choose to leave your suit in it for a long period of time while travelling. It needs to breathe!
  8. Never put your suits in the washing machine. All of the layers from the inside will shrink unevenly and the result is a broken suit.
  9. In an emergency situation only use a gentle steam iron to iron your suits or you can gently iron your suit on low heat with an iron box, make sure to use a separate cloth between the iron box and your suit.
  10. Need a crease down the front of your trousers? Use an iron box on low heat to create the crease. Remember patience is key, once a crease is created you cannot go back, so never use a hot iron. 
  11.  While travelling to avoid creases on your suits fold them inside-out with the lining facing you and the sleeves tucked inside. This reduces any wrinkles that could form. Place them inside your suit bag and do the general loose tuck and roll. 
  12. While packing shirts avoid piling too many items on top or packing too tightly as it will press down on the collars. 


The Best Way To Care For Your Quality Fabrics


  1. Stain removal in linen fabrics has to be done as quickly as possible. Do not let the stain set into the fabric, pat a damp tissue onto the fabric until the stain subsides. Send it immediately to a dry cleaner if the stain persists.
  2. Linen tends to crease easily due to loosely woven fibers, it gets difficult to iron flat these creases so it is okay to turn up the heat on your iron. This will apply to shirts and trousers only, it's best to keep a low heat while ironing your suits if only needed.
  3. Storing your linen suits: Linen is not affected much by heat & humidity but it is best to keep them in a well-ventilated cool and dry closet space. 
  4. Shirts and trousers cannot be washed in the washing machine, dry cleaning or hand washing is recommended. If washed in a washing machine your garments will shrink due to the loose woven structure of the fabric. 
  5. Hang dry your garments if you were to hand wash them till they return back to their normal size. Wearing a wet piece of linen will have a tighter feel.
  6. Linen is a woven fabric so to iron out your shirts and trousers of all the creases iron in different directions on medium to high heat. 


  1. Wool is a breathable fabric so any aroma or scents in your wardrobe will transfer to your suits. It is best to always keep them in a well ventilated closet space. 
  2. Cedar hangers are the best way to keep moths, moisture and humidity away, these factors tend to effect woolen bespoke pieces. 
  3. Trying to get wrinkles out of your suit? The best way is to use a steam iron, wool being a sensitive fabric will need care and attention. Use a low heat setting while steam ironing.
  4. Wool suits have a small thread count and usually trap small particles of dust and grime between the fibers. It is best to always brush your suits with a good quality fabric brush after every wear. Make sure to pay close attention to areas such as the sleeves and trouser bottoms. 
  5. Stain removal on wool suits must be done as soon as the stain takes place. Do not let the stain settle in, as wool is sensitive to heat do not use hot water or any source of heat. Gently dab at the fabric with a damp tissue, and make sure to not add any pressure as it will only push the stain further in. 

Silk & Silk Blends

  1. Silk blends like silk-cotton and silk-wool blends should be treated just how you would treat silk. When getting your silk-blended garments dry cleaned be sure to mention what blend it is to the concerned cleaner. 
  2. Silk is unaffected by mildew and naturally resistant to creasing. Storing your silk and silk blended suits in a proper broad hanger in a cool and dry place is the best way to care for your bespoke garments. 
  3. If you absolutely must iron out creases be sure to dampen the fabric just a tad bit before applying low heat to it. Silk will deteriorate to heat, so when in doubt use a steam iron or place a separate cloth over the fabric before ironing on low heat.
  4. A good brush down with a gentle brush can get rid of small dust particles after your wear. Be sure to always do this before storing your suit in a suit bag. 
  5. Stain removal on pure silk suits is a bit of a tricky situation, but it is not impossible. Spot treat the stained area with a damp tissue and light detergent specific for silk fabrics only. 

And there you have it, 28 garment care tips and tricks for all your custom-made pieces by Kachins.

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