7 Best Summer Blazers For Men In 2023


We know what you’re thinking- who wants to wear a blazer in the hot summer month in the first place, right? But sometimes, a wedding, a get-together, a party, or a business meeting calls for it, and you can’t say no! 

Dressing for the summer season can be a challenge, especially when it comes to finding the perfect balance between style and comfort. But don’t worry, we got you covered! In this blog, we have put together a list of 7 best summer blazers for every gentleman in 2023. 

From lightweight linen blends to breathable cotton fabrics, these blazers are designed with the summer heat in mind. No sweat, no stains, no worry!

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Blazers In Summer? What’s The Deal With That?

When we think of summer, we think of shorts, casual sandals or Crocs and loose-fit cotton shirts. Blazers are literally the last thing you will pull out from your closets. 

While blazers are often associated with cooler weather, incorporating them into your summer wardrobe can be a game-changer. Traditionally overlooked due to their warmth, blazers offer a stylish alternative for various occasions, even during hot days. 

So, when shopping for a summer blazer, it all boils down to choosing one made of breathable fabrics like linen, cotton, or blends. To ensure comfort under the searing sun, look for unstructured designs with a more relaxed fit. And, since it's summer, go bold with pastels or bright colours to capture the essence of the season. 

A well-chosen summer blazer may take your look from casual to stylish, making it appropriate for the office, outdoor events, or even nighttime gatherings. 

Instead of dismissing blazers this summer, try to incorporate them in a stylish way into your everyday outfits to stand out from the crowd!

What Kind Of Fabrics To Look For?

Fabrics play an important role during any season. And when it comes to summer, breathable and lightweight fabrics are the most preferred ones.

These are the best fabrics to take note of:

  • Linen: Linen is the go-to fabric for summer blazers. It is a highly breathable fabric that has a natural texture and lends your ensemble a dash of casual elegance. It also allows for greater airflow, keeping you ventilated and comfortable all day.
  • Cotton: Another great material is cotton. As a result of its softness, lightness, and ability to wick away moisture, it is super comfy on warm days.
  • Seersucker: A traditional summer fabric noted for its characteristic puckered texture is seersucker. It has a distinctive, preppy style that will look great for loose-fit outfits. 
  • Cotton-linen blend: The greatest qualities of both fabrics are combined in a cotton and linen blend, resulting in increased comfort and breathability.
  • Chambray: It is a lightweight and soft fabric, often compared to denim but lighter and airier.
  • Cotton twill: Cotton twill blazers are adaptable, may be dressed up or down, and are yet cosy for summertime wear.

The next time you shop for a blazer this summer, be on the lookout for these fabrics

The 7 Best Summer Blazers For Men In 2023

Now that you are ready to consider wearing blazers in the summer, we have curated a list of the seven best summer blazers from Kachins Couture that are must-haves in your wardrobe. 

Here we go!

1. Picturesque Chefchaouen Blue Holland & Sherry Blazer


This blue and coral checked blazer is a great option for a light summer blazer. This luxury summer jacket collection is inspired by the ocean and ocean beds that lie deep beneath them.  The subtle use of colour, texture, and design depicts the collection's real glory. 

Fabric & Composition:  52% Cotton | 38% Wool | 10% Silk

Brand: Holland & Sherry

Construction: Half Canvas

2. Sainte-Maxime White E.Thomas Blazer


This off-white striped jacket comes with a beautifully textural wool, silk and linen quality designed to stay stylish, versatile and refined. It's from a collection that represents the best in terms of styling, fashion and creative flair.

Fabric & Composition:   38% Wool | 34% Silk | 28% Linen

Brand: E. Thomas

Construction: Half Canvas

3. Plage De Pampelonne Blue Scabal Blazer


This blue and red striped fabric is made of cotton and elastane to make you feel light and comfortable for the hot summer months. Designed for those who love bright and fancy colours and patterns, this blazer is inspired by the glamorous St.Tropez. 

Fabric & Composition:  98% Cotton | 2% Elastane

Brand: Scabal

Construction: Half Canvas

4. Costiera Amalfitana Blue Scabal Blazer


Inspired by a small town on the Amalfi coast, where streets are lined with pastel-painted houses, stores and tranquil cafes, the relaxed attitude there is a magnet to the rich and famous each summer. This light blue fabric with a contrast of pink checks reflects exactly that. 

Fabric & Composition:   50% Wool | 45% Linen | 5% Silk

Brand: Scabal

Construction: Half Canvas

5. Curious Camel Brown E.Thomas Blazer


This yellowish-brown blazer with red and blue stripes is a great choice for summer. Its creative versatility and style can be paired with almost any formal and smart-causal outfit.  It’s the perfect must-have in your summer wardrobe.

Fabric & Composition: 19% Wool | 54% Silk | 27% Linen

Brand: E. Thomas

Construction: Half Canvas

6. Pfeiffer Beach Blue E.Thomas Blazer

Pfeiffer Beach Blue E.Thomas Blazer

Summer is the perfect time to wear this blue jacket featuring pink stripes. With its creative flair and a sense of luxurious style, this textured blazer is the go-to choice this season due to its versatility and polished look. 

Fabric & Composition:   38% Wool | 34% Silk | 28% Linen

Brand: E. Thomas

Construction: Half Canvas

7. Pirlo Shades Brown Scabal Blazer


Experience the authentic Amalfi Coast vibes with our summer blazer collection. Light brown fabric with light blue checks, crafted from lightweight linen wool & silk – perfect for your laid-back style in the hot months. 

Fabric & Composition: 50% Wool | 45% Linen | 5% Silk

Brand: Scabal

Construction: Half Canvas

Make sure you add them to your cart right away!

Styling your Summer Blazer 101: Tips and Tricks

With the scorching sun in full swing, it's vital to master the art of effortlessly wearing your summer blazers. 

Here are some tips and tricks to ensure you stay cool and classy all season long:

1. Choose Lightweight Fabrics

Consider blazers made of breathable fabrics like linen, cotton, or blends to keep you cool even on the hottest days.

2. Go For Pastel/Vibrant Hues

Experiment with pastel colours like light blue, mint green, or soft pink to capture the essence of summer. You can also try bright colours like coral, turquoise, or sunny yellow for a more assertive look.

3. Keep Your Blazer Unstructured

Choose blazers that are unstructured or unlined for a looser fit and improved airflow to stay cool all day long!

4. Roll Up Your Sleeves

For a more casual and laid-back vibe, roll up the sleeves of your blazer. This small detail adds charm to your outfit while also preventing you from getting hot. 


For a polished yet relaxed look, pair your blazer with smart-casual pieces like tailored shorts or chinos.

6. Wear Breathable Shirts

Wear breathable, lightweight shirts or linen button-ups underneath your blazer so that they feel good on your skin and provide comfort underneath the blazer. 

7. Choose The Right Footwear

Choose canvas sneakers, loafers or boat shoes to go with your summer blazer style. These sneakers manage to combine fashion and comfort in an ideal way.

Remember, confidence is the ultimate style enhancer you can ever put on! 

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So, did you find the blazers you were looking for? Even if you didn't have these in your mind, trust us for fashion advice; we have some great pieces for your summer wardrobe!

Be it a casual beach vacation or a trendy rooftop party, our blazers will keep you looking sharp and stylish throughout the day!

These seven blazers from Kachins Couture offer the maximum style and comfort with the perfect blend of grace and ease, making them great additions to your wardrobe this hot season!

This summer, say yes to lightweight fabrics, vibrant colours and some great blazers to amp up your fashion game!



What kind of blazer to wear in summer?

If you plan to wear blazers in summer, always go for fabrics like cotton and linen. They are lightweight and provide breathability during hot weather, enabling air flow and ensuring comfort.

What is the best colour blazer for men?

Generally, grey blazers are considered the most versatile blazers all year round. This is because they can be paired with a lot of colours and styles of shirts and trousers. However, you can explore pastel tones during summer.

Is a blazer comfortable in summer?

Yes, a blazer can be fully comfortable in summer if you choose the right fabric and design. Blazers are generally considered to be suitable for pleasant weather when the sun is out, along with some cool breeze.

Is a polyester blazer good for summer?

While polyester is generally a lightweight fabric, it might not necessarily be suitable for summer. Its breathability is not as efficient as cotton or linen and can, in turn, induce sweat. However, a blend of polyester and cotton can be a good choice.

What is the coolest fabric to wear in summer?

Summer is always synonymous with fabrics like cotton and linen that provide a sense of comfort, airflow, and breathability. They’re lightweight, feel soft on the skin and keep you sweat-free. Always go for cool tones like blues, greens, and pinks in the summer.