If you are looking to get a suit made, without having to visit a physical store, you’ve come to the right place! We have just launched our brand-new website which allows you to create your bespoke suit in just a few steps. 

Let’s browse fabrics first.

The heart and soul of every suit is the fabric. If you choose the wrong fabric the entire suit can fall apart but with the assistance of our virtual stylist, you can always be assured that you are making the right choice to turn your bespoke dream into reality. Through our website you can gain access to a wide range of premium, high quality, and versatile fabric options whilst also gaining insight on the thread count for you to make a conclusive choice.

When choosing fabrics, always look for the highest quality fabric. Your fabric’s quality will determine its longevity and hold, ensure to get what you find suitable in the long run. If you are looking for suave and class, then build your suits with luxe fabrics such as 100% wool or silk-wool blend. Our in-house suit connoisseurs select fabrics from across Europe to custom make fabrics that signify meticulous precision, from stitch to stitch.

Moving on, choosing colors!

The backbone of every style begins with the color, picking the right color that matches your skin tone which suits your body type can be easily browsed through our website as we house a vast range of color options. Our virtual stylist will guide you based on the occasion, fabric, and suit style. 

Picking a suit style is the most interesting part of bespoke suits.

The entire design, down to the color of the thread is your decision. Who doesn’t love that? Start with our lining options. 

Once that’s sorted, start looking for the hint of panache in your suit, the buttons. With the ultimate range of button choices and customization techniques available on, you can easily style them with the help of our virtual stylist.

Next step is simple as it requires you to pick the right fabric for your shirt. Our virtual stylist will guide you through the right fabrics and what colours you can pair with your blazer for it to complement the overall appearance. You can book an appointment with our stylist through our website.

Colors once again! The ultimate look of poise comes when one pairs and styles their colors well. This time you get the chance to pick the color for your shirt that you and out stylist believes will pair well with your suit and your skin.

As you pick your color, be sure to select the style of your shirt you’d like to pair with this color and as per your blazer. Our website offers endless options to choose from with a stylist assisting you in picking the right style.

Now comes the easiest part of all, you get to make the simplest yet most suave decision, the collar and cuff style!

Once you have decided these options you will be directed to finding the accessories you’d like to pair with this suit with a 3D animation of your suit to guide you better in making your decision.

Last but not the least, with the assistance of our experts, you can find video guides that will enable you to understand how you can upload your exact measurements to order the right suit and fit for your body type.

Voila! Within a week you can expect bespoke goodness at your doorstep. Are you ready to turn the world into your runway? 

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