Versatile Men's Summer Suit Ideas 2023: 14 Tips To Beat The Heat In Style


The summer of 23' is already here, and if you still need to upgrade your wardrobe, now would be a good time! While summer outfits are all about linen shirts and cotton shorts, wearing a suit can be tricky.

But fear not, we can help you revolutionise your wardrobe with our handpicked selection of versatile summer suit ideas. 

This blog will discuss everything about summer suits – from styling ideas to suiting tips without compromising on elegance, setting the stage for a remarkable summer fashion statement.

With a mix of comfort and finesse, you will be all set to don summer suits like a pro!

How To Choose A Summer Suit: Fabrics And Colours

When it comes to selecting a summer suit that keeps you cool and stylish, the choice of fabric and colour plays a crucial role. 


Choosing the right fabric for your summer suit is essential to ensure comfort and breathability. 

  • Lightweight options such as linen, known for its natural ability to wick away moisture and provide excellent airflow, are perfect for keeping cool on sweltering days. 
  • With its signature puckered texture, Seersucker allows for even greater ventilation due to its unique weaving pattern. 
  • Cotton-linen blends are also a good choice as they balance the breathability of linen and the durability of cotton, making them an excellent choice for a summer suit that will withstand regular wear.


When it comes to colours, embrace the lively and vibrant spirit of summer. 

  • Lighter shades like pastel pinks, blues, and yellows exude a refreshing and relaxed vibe.
  • Classic combinations like a light beige suit with a crisp white shirt offer a timeless and sophisticated look. 
  • Consider pairing a bold striped / checked suit with a pastel-coloured shirt for a bolder statement for a pop of contrast. 

Experiment with soft hues and playful patterns to show your personal style while staying cool and stylish throughout the season.

5 Summer Suit Ideas For 2023

1. Pastel Power Suit


Embrace the fresh and vibrant spirit of summer with a pastel power suit. Opt for shades like light blue, mint green, or soft pink. Pair it with a crisp white shirt and a patterned pocket square for a modern twist. With this stylish ensemble, you can add a touch of cheerfulness to your summer wardrobe.

2. The Seersucker Classic


Seersucker suits are a timeless summer staple. Choose a seersucker suit in a traditional blue and white stripe pattern. Pair it with a light-coloured dress shirt and a complementary tie for a sophisticated yet relaxed look. Incredibly stylish, this ensemble is ideal for outdoor weddings and garden parties.

3. The Linen Safari Suit


Take your summer look to the next level with a linen safari suit. Opt for earthy tones like khaki or olive green. Pair it with a lightweight linen shirt, a wide-brimmed hat, and suede loafers for a safari-inspired ensemble that is both stylish and functional. This is the perfect suit if you’re feeling adventurous!

4. The Tropical Print Statement


Make a bold fashion statement this summer with a tropical print suit! Choose a suit featuring vibrant floral or palm-leaf prints. Keep the rest of your outfit minimal with a solid-coloured shirt and accessories to let the suit take centre stage. This summer suit idea is perfect for beach parties or tropical vacations.

5. The Double-Breasted White Suit


Nothing says summer elegance like a double-breasted white suit. Opt for a lightweight fabric like cotton or linen. Pair it with a light blue or striped dress shirt for a classic look. Elegant and timeless, this ensemble is perfect for summer weddings or formal events.

These five summer suit ideas for 2023 offer a range of styles to suit various occasions and personal tastes.

Beat The Heat In Style: 15 Tips And Tricks

Summer can be a challenging season to maintain your style without sacrificing comfort, especially in suits. To help you beat the heat while looking effortlessly dapper, we've compiled a list of 15 invaluable tips and tricks to follow.

Take note!

1. Choose Lightweight Fabrics


Wear fabrics like linen, seersucker, and cotton blends to allow air circulation and keep you cool. These breathable materials prevent discomfort caused by sweat and ensure optimal comfort during summer days.

2. It’s All About Cool Colours


Cool colours and pastel shades reflect sunlight instead of absorbing it. Lighter hues like white, light grey, beige, and pastels help to keep you more relaxed by reflecting heat and sunlight. They also give you a more refreshing look.

3. Buy Unlined Or Half-Lined Suits


Unlined or partially lined suits allow for better air circulation, reducing the risk of overheating and providing a more comfortable wearing experience. This a great hack to enhance breathability in suits.

4. The Fit Matters


Look for a suit with a slim fit, ensuring a stylish silhouette without compromising comfort. A suit that fits well enhances your appearance and allows for better airflow, preventing the suit from clinging to your body and trapping heat.

5. Loose Trousers Are Key


Choose pants with a slightly looser fit to allow for better air circulation. Opting for trousers with a looser fit prevents the fabric from clinging to your legs and helps maintain airflow, ensuring optimal comfort.

6. Loafers/Canvas Is A Must-Have


Opt for lightweight footwear options like loafers or canvas sneakers instead of lace-ups to keep your feet cool. Breathable footwear allows for proper ventilation and prevents your feet from feeling hot and sweaty.

7. Pocket Square For Both Style And Convenience


The best accessory for a suit is, of course, a pocket square. Style your suit with linen or cotton pocket squares. This accessory not only adds a touch of sophistication to your outfit but also ensures comfort, as you can wipe off the sweat on hot days!

8. Wear A Cotton Undershirt


Pair your suit with a breathable, moisture-wicking undershirt to stay dry and comfortable. Moisture-wicking undershirts help to absorb sweat and keep you cool, even during the hottest summer days.

9. Don’t Choose/Opt For Heavy Blazers


Wear lightweight linen or cotton-linen blend blazers with dress pants or chinos for a smart-casual look. These lightweight blazers have a relaxed yet polished style that is suitable for many occasions.

10. Buy Dress Shirts In Natural Fibres


Don't settle for any type of dress shirt for formal wear. Choose cotton with a long fibre over one with a short one. You can tell them apart by their ability to withstand heat, softness, and breathability.

11. Take Off Your Jacket When Not Necessary


Don't be afraid to shed your jacket and rock a stylish waistcoat when the temperature rises. You can also take off your jacket when you’re travelling to save some sweat! This allows for better air circulation and prevents you from overheating when you’re outdoors.

12.  Lose The Socks Or Roll Up Your Pants


Embrace a more relaxed summer vibe by going sockless, using no-show socks or rolling up your pants. Not only does this add a touch of casual elegance to your ensemble, but it also allows your feet to breathe and prevents excessive heat buildup.

13. Don’t Forget Your Sunglasses


Protect your eyes from the sun's harsh rays and complete your summer look with a pair of stylish sunglasses. Besides shielding your eyes from UV rays, sunglasses also add a cool factor to your outfit.

14. Of Course, Stay Hydrated!


Hydration is key to beating the heat. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay refreshed and maintain your body's temperature equilibrium.  Carry a reusable water bottle with you wherever you go to ensure you stay hydrated, even on the go.

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So, are you ready to embrace the scorching summer months with style and sophistication? Make sure you consider all the factors we have discussed above while buying/wearing a suit during the summer season. 

From lightweight fabrics to vibrant colours and stylish patterns, make sure you get the best of suits that also doesn't compromise on your comfort.

Whether you opt for a linen ensemble for a beachside soiree or a seersucker suit for a garden party, our fashion-forward suit ideas are sure to turn heads wherever you go!

Stay cool, stay suave, and make a hot statement this summer with Kachins!


What are some appropriate occasions to wear a summer suit?

Summer suits can be worn for a variety of occasions. From formal events like outdoor weddings to business meetings to casual ones like garden parties, brunches and theatrical shows, you can style them for multiple occasions.

What colours work best for men's summer suits?

While it depends on your personal tastes, light colours like beige, light blues, and pastel shades work best for men's summer suits, providing a refreshing and relaxed look.

What accessories can I add to enhance men's summer suit ensemble?

Enhance your summer suit ensemble with accessories like a linen pocket square, a silver curb chain, or trendy sunglasses for a touch of style and sophistication.

How can I stay comfortable and cool while wearing a summer suit?

To stay comfortable and cool in a summer suit, opt for breathable fabrics like linen or lightweight cotton, pastel colours like light blue and yellow, and consider wearing unlined or half-lined jackets so you don’t sweat much.

Can you suggest footwear options that go well with men's summer suits?

Pair your men's summer suit with loafers, suede shoes, or canvas sneakers for a relaxed and stylish look, ensuring comfort and versatility.