7 Types of Trousers: Everything You Need To Know


Are you a fashion-forward man looking to amp up your wardrobe? Or are you simply curious about the different styles of trousers? Whatever it may be, this blog can give you the answers to everything you need to know about trousers.

Trousers are a staple in every man’s wardrobe. Be it casual blue jeans, sporty joggers, or formal chinos, every type of trouser is equally important in your wardrobe. Since the type of trousers you wear has a major impact on your overall outfit, it’s important to choose the perfect piece for the occasion.

In this blog, we will walk you through the 7 different types of trousers every man must own. So if you don’t already own any of these kinds of pants, it’s time to go shopping and expand your fashion horizons!

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There’s More To Pants Than Just Jeans!

If you didn’t know it already, there’s a whole new world beyond the ordinary confines of denim. Men's trousers come in many styles and versatilities that can spice up any boring outfit.

So, get ready to say goodbye to the monotony of jeans and welcome the irresistibly charming chinos that make no effort to bridge the gap between both casual and formal settings. And when the colder air hits, go for comfortable corduroy, adding warmth and luxury to your overall look. 

But it doesn’t end there! If you’re looking for elegance and some class, look for tailored trousers to suit formal events. Need the perfect blend of style and function? Get yourself a pair of cargo pants for a trendy look! Getting ready for your morning run? Or a weekly neighbourhood soccer game? Jogger pants are the way to go!

And as the summer sun graces us with its presence, bundle up in breezy linen pants for a comfortable, laid-back vibe. They will make you feel warm and look relaxed!

So, are you ready to ditch those old jeans for some trendy and new styles to add to your daily wardrobe statement? We got some great suggestions to get started!

The 7 Types Of Trousers You Need To Own 

Check out these trousers for a fashionable wardrobe transformation!

1. Chinos


Be it a casual weekend date or a formal business meeting, chinos can make you look sharp and smart without much effort. Chinos are usually crafted from cotton twill and have a subtle glossy look that adds a touch of refinement to your outfit. 

How to style: Button-down shirt for a semi-formal look; casual tee for an informal look

Colours to own: Khaki, navy, olive

Footwear to wear: Loafers for a semi-formal look and sneakers to keep it casual

Occasion to consider: Ideal for both work and weekends

2. Pleated Pants


With their waistline folds, pleated pants reflect a sense of elegance and charm like no other! Details like these give pleated pants a touch of formality, making them appropriate for a variety of occasions.  They are usually tailored from finer fabrics and give you a structured appearance.

How to style: Pair it with a crisp dress shirt and a well-fit blazer for a polished look.

Colours to own: Charcoal, navy, brown

Footwear to wear: Formal lace-up shoes or loafers

Occasion to consider: Business settings like meetings, etc. 

3. Joggers


Joggers are the ultimate combination of comfort and urban style. Made from soft materials like cotton or fleece, they feature an elasticised waistband and cuffs, making them a go-to choice for a relaxed yet trendy look.

How to style: Go for a fitted sweatshirt or an oversized hoodie for a sporty look!

Colours to own: Neutral tones such as grey, black, and navy.

Footwear to wear: Sneakers or casual trainers

Occasion to consider: Casual outings and activities that prioritise comfort

4. Cargo Pants


If you’re into a more rugged aesthetic with caps, jackets and boots, then cargo pants are the best addition to your wardrobe! With their multiple pockets and relaxed fit, they offer fashion+functionality in the best way possible. You can wear them for a casual and cool look!

How to style: Solid-coloured oversized shirt with a denim or bomber jacket/ Graphic or printed tee underneath an oversized hoodie or leather jacket

Colours to own: Earthy tones like olive, brown, and tan or neutral colours like black and white

Footwear to wear: Lace-up boots or chunky sneakers

Occasion to consider: Outdoor adventures and streetwear styles

5. Relaxed-Fit Trousers


A baggy, relaxed-fit trousers are the new trend! These pants strike the perfect balance between comfort and a casual look. Both stylish and practical, they offer a roomier fit around the hips and thighs.

How to style: Match it with a well-fitted polo or a crisp dress shirt and tuck it in. You can also layer it up with a cardigan during the winter.

Colours to own: Navy, olive, khaki, beige 

Footwear to wear: Loafers or derby shoes

Occasion to consider: Semi-formal social gatherings

6. Wool Trousers


Wool trousers are a classic example of both style and warmth. They are elegant and comfortable, and since they are made of premium wool, they work well for a variety of formal settings.

How to style: Pair it with a dress shirt and a blazer for a polished look.

Colours to own: Classic colours like charcoal, navy, grey

Footwear to wear: Leather oxfords or brogues

Occasion to consider: Ideal for business meetings or upscale events

7. Cropped Pants


If you have a prized shoe collection and tend to brag every piece when you wear it, then make sure your pants allow for it. Cropped pants stand out with their modern cut and unconventional length, letting you show off your favourite footwear. This modern edition is stylish, trendy, and also comfortable!

How to style:  Pair with a slim-fit t-shirt or a lightweight sweater for a chic look. 

Colours to own: Both pastels or bold colours go well. 

Footwear to wear: Low-top sneakers or stylish loafers

Occasions to consider: Casual parties and urban outings

These trousers are sure to grab attention wherever you go! 

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So, are your shopping bags ready? Now that you know there are so many other types of trousers to add to your outfits, it’s time you add them to your wardrobe too! 

Trousers are such versatile pieces of clothing that can be dressed up or down according to the occasion. Be it a casual brunch or a black-tie event, there are trousers for every occasion. 

The key to finding the perfect trousers lies in finding the right fit.  Trousers should be tailored to your body so that they are comfortable and flattering. A good fit can make all the difference in how a pair of trousers looks and feels.

And once you get your hands on one of these, make sure you put the effort to style them accordingly by matching the right colours, fabrics, accessories and footwear for the perfect look!



What type of trousers are there for men?

There are many types of trousers for men apart from your regular jeans and trousers. From jogger pants and linen trousers to chinos and pleated trousers, there are a lot of options you can choose from.

Which type of pants is best?

There is no single type of pants that is considered the best. It can vary depending on your personal style and comfort level. However, chinos, dress pants, jeans and joggers are some must-haves in a man’s wardrobe.

What are chinos pants?

Compared to other types of pants, chinos look more fitted and streamlined. Chinos don't have pleats or extra seams. They also differ in their pocket size, which is quite small and not as visible as other pants.

What style of trousers are in fashion?

Currently, wide-leg loose-fit trousers are in trend. They are relaxed and comfortable and give a sense of elegance.

What are suit trousers called?

Suit trousers are also called dress pants, dress slacks, slack pants or simply just slacks. You can add the words “dress”, “slack”, and “trousers” to the garment to reinforce the meaning of suit trousers.