About Us

Founded in the year 1981 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Kachins has since evolved into a heritage of elegance, pioneering the art of tailoring and bespoke wear. Kachins exclusively represents some of the finest and internationally renowned fabric brands from Italy, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

Drawing upon our 40 years of experience, at Kachins we adapt the latest trends while staying true to our heritage. With a keen eye for timeless and future-proof style you can expect ready-to-wear men's collections imbued with signature Kachins glamour on our new platform. These collections were made for the modern man, with an eye for style, craftsmanship and tradition at their core.

With just a few clicks, you now have access to a complete one-stop shop for formal and casual shirts, au courant chinos and bomber jackets, trendy shorts and so much more. Kachins has firmly cemented its status as the quintessential brand bringing upscale tailoring to the world through online orders that are delivered to your door.

How It Works

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    Browse through the selection of products and create your unique retail experience with your fingertips.

  • Choose your fit

    Pick from our options to go with the readily available size chart, send us one of your sample garments or go with the completely made-to-measure route.

  • Worldwide delivery

    No matter where you are, we are right there with you! Stay on top of your game with our impeccable craftsmanship available globally.

  • Guaranteed Fit

    If you don’t love it, we will fix it! We’ve got you covered with an alteration budget and an option to return it to us for alterations.

Choose Your Fit

We at Kachins believe that styles are limitless so long as you make confident choices that accentuate your features. We are here to help you discover your outfit’s personality and revolutionize your shopping experience.

We have readily available sizes to facilitate you while you shop and of course our custom fit options are highly recommended; once you go custom with us, we assure you will never look back. What’s more, if you have clothing in your wardrobe that you particularly love the tailoring of, we can adapt your desired fit to your all-new wardrobe with us.

It’s all in the details and our expert stylists are here to help you start your made-to-measure journey at Kachins.

Our Craftmanship

Effortless sophistication: two words that describe the amalgamation of your personality and our artistry. With utmost attention to detail, we create exquisite pieces of clothing that are timeless and portrays one’s elegance through their choice of clothing.

We focus on a customer-centric experience, that enables us to combine refined aesthetics and tailor-made richness while presenting a contemporary-classic ensemble. Leave your worries behind and trust us to indulge in impeccable craftsmanship that symbolizes the highest expression of quality and design.

Enhance your experience with a one-of-a-kind bespoke experience, click and pick for refined craftsmanship.


Look suave in fabric brought to you from all over the world, renowned brands such as Scabal, Holland & Sherry, Lanificio F.lli Cerruti, Huddersfield Fine Worsted, Vitale Barberis Canonico, F. Illa Tallia Di Delfino, and much more will be stitched to perfection and exude finesse. Our in-house suit connoisseurs select fabrics from across Europe to custom make pieces that signify meticulous precision, from stitch to stitch.

Some of our finest fabrics are designed in-house, our own fabric is engineered under the ‘Kachins Signature Collection’ range with a superior quality of refinement and a myriad of colors and patterns. A harmonious collection of weaves and the depth in patterns adds us to the forefront of luxury wear.

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