How to Fold a Pocket Square in 6 Different Ways


A well-folded pocket square can be the difference between an ordinary outfit and one that demands attention. While many men overlook this accessory, those in the know understand the power of a pocket square to polish your appearance. But how to fold a pocket square?

In this blog,  we'll walk you through 6 classic pocket square folds ranging from basic to bold. By the end, you'll be a pro at elevating your look with this simple yet impactful addition. It adds a splash of colour and texture, and a carefully crafted fold shows attention to detail. So, don’t miss!

                                The History of the Pocket Square 

The exact origins of the pocket square are unknown, but it is believed they became popular in the 19th century as men's fashion evolved. 

Pocket squares first served the practical purpose of protecting expensive fabrics from sweat and grime in the breast pocket. Over time, they developed into an accessory used to express personality and status. 

Gentlemen of means would sport elaborately embroidered or monogrammed squares to flaunt their wealth and social standing. Even today, the pocket square retains that air of sophistication and flair befitting the well-dressed man.

6 Different Ways To Fold A Pocket Square

1). The Plop Fold

The easiest fold for beginners is called the "plop fold." Just take your square and place it loosely in your breast pocket. No need to fuss over precise angles- the casual, wrinkled look is what gives this fold its charm. It's great for more laidback occasions when you want a subtle pop of colour but don't want to spend too much time prepping your pocket square.

Directions to wear

  • Remove the square from the packaging and smooth any major wrinkles
  • Place square loosely in the breast pocket of the shirt or jacket
  • Allow corners to peek out naturally for a relaxed look

Suitable fabric: Cotton

When to wear?

  • Casual weekend errands
  • Informal daytime events

2). Simple Foldover

A step up from the plop fold is the simple "foldover." This tidy triangle shape is versatile for both casual and dressier looks. It frames your chest nicely without being too bold.

Directions to wear

  • Fold the square diagonally, then fold the point up 1/3
  • Crease fold sharply for clean lines
  • Tuck just the bottom corner into the breast pocket

Suitable fabric: Cotton, Silk

When to wear?

  • Daily business casual wear
  • Client meetings
  • Job interviews

3). Puff Fold

Now we're getting more stylish! This dimensional fold makes a statement without being over the top. Great for business casual or going out on the weekend.

Directions to wear

  • Fold diagonally, gather corners to the center, and scrunch
  • Fluff folds up for texture and volume
  • Nestle whole square neatly in the pocket

Suitable Fabric: Silk

When to wear?

  • Dressier casual occasions
  • Nights out with friends
  • Cultural events

4). TV/Presidential Fold

A classic fold seen on politicians and newscasters is aptly called the "TV fold" or "presidential fold." This structured triangle framing your chest exudes confidence and authority.

Directions to wear

  • Fold corner to corner into triangle shape
  • Fold the point up halfway and puff out the sides
  • Insert the entire folded square into the pocket

Suitable fabric: Silk, Wool

When to wear?

  • Important presentations
  • Board meetings
  • Black tie affairs

5). One-point Fold

For a bolder look, try the "one-point fold." The dramatic diagonal point draws attention elegantly. Perfect for dressier events or job interviews where you want to impress.

Directions to wear

  • Form a triangular shape, fold one point to center
  • Crease fold crisply for dramatic slant
  • Tuck the corner only into the pocket

Suitable fabric: Silk, Patterned Cotton

When to wear?

  • Daytime business meetings
  • Job interviews
  • Business lunches

6). Two-point Fold

Our boldest fold is the "two-point fold." This sophisticated fold demands notice without being over the top. Save it for really special occasions when you want to turn heads from across the room.

Directions to wear

  • Fold side points into the center of the triangular shape
  • The result is a mini pyramid or tent-shape
  • Place fully in breast pocket

Suitable Fabric: Silk, Wool

When to wear?

  • Black tie events
  • Galas and balls
  • Weddings

Additional Folds to Try

While the above six covers classic pocket square folding styles, there are many other creative ways to fashion your square. Here are a few more advanced options to experiment with:

  • The Slide: Fold the square into a long, thin strip and slide it partially into your pocket for a peekaboo effect.
  • The Knot: Gather and tie the four corners into a loose knot. Place the knot-side down in your pocket.
  • The Roll: Tightly roll the fabric lengthwise and tuck the roll into your pocket sideways.
  • The Twist: Twist the square into a tight spiral shape and nestle into your pocket.
  • Monogram Fold: Center any monogrammed areas as focal points in triangular or angular folds.

Don't be afraid to get creative and customise folds to your personal style. Part of the fun is putting your unique spin on this classic accessory.

Fabric Choices for Pocket Squares

The fabric you choose can impact your pocket square's aesthetic and formality level. Popular options to consider include:

  • Cotton: Durable, breathable, and affordable. Works for casual and dressier looks.
  • Silk: Luxurious drape and sheen. Perfect for polished, dressy occasions. More delicate than cotton.
  • Wool: Warm, durable and textured. Ideal for winter layers. Bold patterns suit it best.
  • Patterned: Floral, paisley, or geometric motifs add visual interest. Bolder scales suit casual styles.
  • Solid colour: Classic colours like white, navy, or grey never go out of style. Versatile for any event.
  • Monogrammed: Personalised initials or designs provide a custom touch. Best in subtle tones.

The right fabric choice can boost your confidence, depending on the occasion. Consider your outfit and intended impression when selecting pocket square materials.

How Does Pocket Square Elevate Your Look?

A pocket square is more than just a square of fabric- when folded properly, it's a work of art. 

Beyond adding a pop of colour, a well-folded pocket square instantly ups your style credentials. It demonstrates thoughtfulness and care in your appearance. A basic outfit is transformed into one that looks intentionally put together and polished. 

More than that, a pocket square draws the eye to your chest, helping you stand out in a crowd. It's the perfect low-effort way to boost your appearance and confidence. 

So whether for a job interview, date, or important meeting, a pocket square folded in one of these six ways ensures you'll make an excellent first impression.

Tips For Folding A Pocket Square With Style

Now that you know the basic folds, here are some tips for executing them with finesse:

  • Use a high-quality cotton or silk fabric for the best drape and fold retention. Avoid polyester, which can look cheap.
  • Take your time to crease folds sharply. Smoothing with your fingernail helps set the shape.
  • Tuck just the corner of the fold into your breast pocket, not the whole square, for the best visual impact.
  • Starching helps folds hold their shape better throughout the day. Or spray with a bit of hairspray for a long-lasting finish.
  • Match your pocket square to your shirt and tie for a coordinated look.

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With just a little practice, you'll be a pro at folding pocket squares in these six classic styles. Not only will your outfit look more polished and put-together, but people will notice your attention to detail. 

A well-folded pocket square is a simple yet impactful way to boost your confidence and make lasting impressions. We hope you have an answer to your question about how to fold a pocket square. These folds have inspired you to try this underrated accessory. 

Next time you get dressed up, whether for work or a night out, don't forget to tuck a carefully folded square into your breast pocket. It may seem like a small touch, but it will make all the difference in elevating your look and presence. 

Now get folding and start enjoying the compliments on your style!


Are pocket squares only for formal occasions?

Pocket squares can be dressed up or down depending on the fold. More casual folds like the plop or puff work for everyday wear, while polished folds like the TV fold suit formal events. Experiment to find your style.

How do I know which fabric to choose?

Consider the fold, occasion, and season when selecting fabric. Cotton is versatile year-round. Silk and wool suit dressier looks. Patterned fabrics add visual interest to creative folds. Solid colours in quality fabrics like silk are classic.

What's the best way to learn different folds?

Start with basic folds and work your way up to more advanced styles. Refer to online tutorials, photos, or video instructions. You can also take an in-person class at a clothing store for hands-on guidance. With regular folding, you'll gain expertise and confidence.

How do I prevent my fold from getting messy?

Use a quality fabric like silk, or cotton that holds a fold well. Starching also helps. Spray or brush finished folds with hairspray to set the shape. Be gentle when inserting into pockets. Adjust throughout the day if needed. With the right fabric and folding technique, your square will stay neat.

What is the best way to fold a pocket square?

The Simple Foldover is one of the best ways to fold a pocket square. It's easy to execute and looks polished. The Puff Fold is another excellent basic option.