Transitional Trends: How to Seamlessly Blend Seasonal Colours and Prints


Imagine stepping into a room full of people, turning heads with a sharp, impeccably tailored outfit that radiates style and confidence. The secret ingredient is mastering how to mix colours and prints, ensuring your look stays fresh, timeless, and relevant all year.

Let us walk you through the endless possibilities of bespoke clothing, unlocking the full potential of your unique, head-turning style.

Understanding Seasonal Colour Palettes

Colour analysis can sound intimidating, but don't be alarmed! It's actually quite simple and provides a powerful foundation for building an impressive, versatile wardrobe.

Let's dive into the world of seasonal colour palettes and explore how they can vastly enhance your personal style.

Seasonal colour analysis was initially categorised into four distinct groups: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. These categories, however, have varying subcategories, thus allowing for a diverse representation of hues and tints.

While everyone generally fits into one of these groups, certain colours within each category can complement others in ways, creating endless opportunities for innovative and exciting styling combinations.

Colour Palettes by Season: How to Mix Colours and Prints?


Fresh, delicate, and warm colours, such as soft yellows, light pinks, vibrant greens, and warm blues, define Spring-dominant individuals. These gentle and bright colours can help you emanate warmth, energy, and vigour during the transitional season—and, let's be honest, who doesn't want to look as refreshing as blooming flowers?


Calm, cool, and muted colours, like baby blue, lavender, soft grey, mint green, and even gentle pastels, create soothing ensembles for Summer-dominant gents. Inspired by oceanic landscapes, these refined hues emit a tranquil, relaxed, and laid-back feeling, describing those basking in the season's charm and languid atmosphere.


Earthy, warm, and rich shades of colour, such as burgundy, warm olive,nt amber, deep oranges, and chocolate browns, speak to the depth and richness conveyed by Autumn-dominant men. The cosy and comforting tones evoke a welcoming aura from cool autumnal breezes to crackling fireside stories.


Crisp, bold, and intense colours, like fiery reds, icy blues, cool greys, deep purples, and jewel tones, radiate sophistication and power, fitting for Winter-dominant personalities. These darker, more saturated hues effortlessly convey aished and sleek look during the cold and frosty winter months.

Types of Prints for Each Season

Aside from seasonal colours, incorporating seasonally appropriate prints is an excellent way to elevate your wardrobe, distinguishing yourself from the rest of the pack.

Whether it's subtle or bold, adding seasonal prints adds a touch of personality and dynamism to your wardrobe, making your outfit as unique as the wearer.


Floral, geometric, and botanical prints perfectly embody the rebirth of nature illustrated by sunny days. Incorporating these prints in a light and breezy fashion helps capture the awakening and renewing spirit of the season.


Nautical and tropical prints, illustrated by sailboats, stripes, seahorses, and palm trees, create playful and contemporary outfits, exuding a laid-back yet luxurious v suited for summer escapes.


Plaids, checks, and houndstooths are essential prints for mastering fall style. Crafting outfits from these patterns results in an effortlessly elegant and polished look, ideal for cosying up during cooler weather.


Paisleys, herringbones, and other abstract winter prints add depth and sophistication to winter ensembles. Embrace these bolder elements, which are the perfect complement to the luxurious woollen and cashmere fabrics of your winter wardrobe.

Why a Versatile, Transitional Wardrobe Matters?

Smoothly navigating fashion from one season to the next does more than just prevent awkward style slumps. It's also cost and time efficient. Building a versatile wardrobe with cross-season potential means you don't have to overhaul your entire closet every few months.

Smart layering and accent in trending seasonal hues allow you to refresh looks while retaining and repurposing essential items you already own. This continuity also enables you to keep up with emerging trends without an intense shopping spree each season.

Add a few updated accessories or one statement piece in a new seasonal shade, and've effortlessly blended last season's staples with next season's must-haves!

Tuning Into Trending Seasonal Colours

Colour trends don't happen randomly. Industry experts and fashion houses spend enormous amounts of effort researching and forecasting upcoming colour directions based on influences like technology, socioeconomics, popular culture, and even geopolitical developments!

While you don't need to memorise the exact Pantone chips for each season, having a general awareness of which hues will be hot is key to curating that versatile transitional wardrobe.

For 2024, Expect to See

Spring/Summer - Vibrant, optimism-reflecting yellows, greens and oranges. Fresh neutrals like ecru and sage. Some coastal-inspired blues and nautical accents.

Fall/Winter - Earthy terracottas, mustard yellows and sage greens inspired by the outdoors and natural landscapes. Rich blues and frosty silvers will add a cosy contrast.

Year-Round - Elevated neutrals like brown, beige and cream for grounding. Plus, red and pink for vibrant pops of colour.

Practical Tips for Seamless Blending

Now that we've covered the basic concepts of seasonal colours and prints, let's explore some practical techniques for blending and combining these elements to create the perfect harmony in your outfits.

  1. Start with a dominant solid colour. Ground your outfit with a solid colour that matches the core colours of your season. This solid piece will serve as a neutral backdrop for the rest of your ensemble, allowing you to gracefully introduce secondary colours prints.
  1. Select two to three colours or prints for balance. Incorporating a majority of solid colours and mixing in only a couple of additional colours or prints maintains the harmony and balance of the outfit. Avoid using too many different elements, as this can create a confusing and overwhelming appearance.
  1. Build using neutral colours. Introduce neutral hues, like black, white, grey, beige, and navy, into your ensembles to create balance and depth. Neutrals serve as essential connectors for the more saturated, seasonal colours and prints within your outfits.
  1. Combine colours and prints with a purpose. Each colour and print you choose should complement and enhance the others within your outfit. Choose wisely, according to the season and your individual colouring, to create outfits that captivate and surprise those who encounter you.
  1. Test out different scales of prints. Pay close attention to scale when building outfits, as this crucial aspect enhances the relationship between multiple prints. Combine a larger print with a smaller one for a cohesive appearance.

Bespoke Tailoring for Men

Understanding seasonal colours and prints is only part of the equation for mastering stylish, bespoke clothing. Investing in tailored garments emphasises the complementary relationship between seasonal colours and prints, validating your distinctive and intentional style.

Benefits of Tailoring

Tailoredments ensure that colours and prints maintain their balance and harmony over the most unruly aspects of your physique, creating a streamlined and polished silhouette.

Bespoke, handcrafted garments separate you from the crowd, highlighting your commitment to quality, elegance, and distinction.

  1. Personalize your fit. Custom trousers and jackets tailored to your measurements create an unparalleled fit, revealing your unique shape and level of sophistication.
  1. Express your distinct personality. A tailored wardrobe enables you to present never-ending facets of your personality, reflecting your knowledge of style and confident approach to dressing.
  1. Create nostalgia and excitement. Tailored garments become conversation starters, people asking about that stunning jacquard suit, reminiscing about the past, and discussing where you'll wear it next.

Approaching reputable bespoke tailors like Kachins Couture can help guide you through the fascinating process of colour analysis and print selection. With considered guidance, you will unlock a world of accessible, captivating colours and prints.

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Mastering how to mix colours and prints within your bespoke garments is a rewarding approach to elevating your style and achieving an engaging, versatile wardrobe. Remember, it's essential to:

  • Understand the foundations of seasonal colours and their influence within the context of Bespoke Men's Clothing.
  • Explore and embrace the vast options of seasonal prints.
  • Equip yourself with practical, engaging techniques for blending colours and prints, using tailored clothing to achieve the utmost harmony.

Your influence on the world of bespoke fashion can become profound, given your enthusiasm, commitment, and intelligent application of seasonal colour prints.

Be prepared for the element of surprise, the delightful reaction of admiration and respect when people beckon your well-composed ensembles. Captivate those you encounter, leaving behind an indelible legacy of knowledge, elegance, and distinction.


How do prints work with seasons?

Each season has prints that complement the overall colour palette. For example, florals for Spring, nautical prints for Summer, plaids for Fall, and paisleys for Winter. Incorporate 1-2 prints within your seasonal colour scheme.

How do I blend colours from different seasons?

Focus on a dominant solid colour from your season. Then incorporate 1-2 secondary colours or prints, balancing with neutrals like black, grey, and white. Smaller prints also help achieve harmony.

What are the benefits of bespoke tailoring?

Bespoke tailoring ensures a perfect fit and finish. It allows you to express your unique personality through customised garments. Tailored pieces also create excitement and become conversation starters.

How do I select fabrics for different seasons?

For spring and summer, opt for lightweight, breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, and silk. In Fall and Winter, choose thicker insulating materials like wool, cashmere, and tweed that can withstand colder weather.

What colours and prints are trending this year?

For 2024, vibrant yellows, greens, and oranges will be big for spring/summer, along with coastal blues. Earthy terracotta, mustard, and sage will dominate fall/winter alongside rich blues and silvers. Year-round neutrals like brown, beige, and cream will anchor outfits alongside trendy red and pink pops of colour.