How To Style Blazers For Evening Functions


Tired of wondering what to wear to your next evening event? Whether you're attending a cocktail party, gala event, dinner event or any other evening function, a well-styled blazer is a chic staple in your wardrobe. 

A blazer can instantly polish your look and make you feel put together and confident. 

However, with so many options, like colour, fabric and cut, it can be tricky to know how to style your blazer perfectly for the evening occasion. 

In this blog, we'll share some of our favourite blazer styling tricks and ideas that are elegant yet easy to recreate. From pairing tips to accessorising advice, get ready to discover simple ways to take your blazer from day to dazzling night.

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Why Are Blazers A Go-To Option For Evening Occasions?

Blazers have secured their status as a timeless choice for evening gatherings, and it's not without reason. 

  • Their versatility is perhaps their most compelling attribute. These pieces of clothing effortlessly bridge the gap between formal and casual, making them suitable for various events, from romantic dinners to semi-formal parties. 
  • The structured silhouette and lapels of blazers exude an innate sense of sophistication, elevating one's appearance to match the occasion's elegance. 
  • What sets them apart is their remarkable adaptability. You can seamlessly pair them with dress shirts for a classic look or opt for a more relaxed feel by wearing them over T-shirts with rolled-up sleeves. 
  • Darker shades such as navy or black, commonly chosen for formal occasions, convey a refined aura. 
  • Beyond aesthetics, a well-fitted blazer offers comfort and, in turn, boosts confidence—a crucial element in leaving a lasting impression.

They are definitely the quintessential choice for those seeking a blend of style, comfort, and versatility during evening affairs.

5 Ways to Style Your Blazer for an Evening Function

Here are the five easy yet amazingly good-looking ways to style your blazer for evening functions:

1. Classic Elegance with Dress Pants


For a timeless and elegant look, pair your blazer with classic dress pants. Go for a well-tailored, slim-fit pair in a complementary colour. A white dress shirt, a silk tie, and polished leather dress shoes complete the ensemble. This classic combination exudes sophistication, making it perfect for formal dinners and upscale gatherings.

2. Smart Causal Charm with Jeans



When you want to strike a balance between casual and dressy, pairing your blazer with dark jeans could be a great option. Choose a pair with minimal distressing for a polished appearance. To complete the look, add a crisp, well-fitted white or light-coloured shirt with some leather loafers or brogues. 

This ensemble is perfect for semi-formal events or relaxed evening outings.

3. Effortless Layering with a T-Shirt


Layer your blazer over a plain, well-fitted T-shirt for a stylish yet laid-back look. Choose a crew neck or V-neck tee in a simple hue or subtle design. Dark jeans or chinos, paired with clean sneakers or desert boots, complete this effortlessly cool style. 

It is perfect for casual parties and casual chic evenings.

4. Dapper with Turtlenecks



Wear a turtleneck sweater with your blazer if you’re going for a modern and stylish look. This combination keeps you warm during chilly nights and gives you a contemporary charm, perfect for a smart-casual look. 

Choose a blazer with a subtle texture or pattern to add more depth to your outfit. Pair it with dress trousers and ankle boots for a sophisticated twist.

5. Stylish Layering with a Waistcoat



Consider pairing a waistcoat with a blazer to create a unique and confident look. Choose a waistcoat in a contrasting or complementary colour and wear it over a crisp dress shirt. 

Complete the outfit with tailored dress pants and polished leather shoes. This combination adds a touch of elegance, making it ideal for upscale events and stylish soirées.

Remember, the key to styling your blazer lies in the fit—ensure it hugs your shoulders and chest while allowing comfortable movement. Don't forget to accessorise appropriately with a pocket square or stylish watch to complete your evening look. 

With these five versatile options in your fashion arsenal, you'll be ready to rock it at any evening function.

Easy and Quick Care Tips to Keep Your Blazer Looking Sharp

Maintaining the sharpness of your blazer doesn't have to be daunting; a few easy and quick care tips can keep it looking dapper. 

  • Firstly, hanging your blazer properly after wearing it is crucial—use a padded hanger to preserve its shape and let it breathe. 
  • If it gets a minor wrinkle, try steaming it in your bathroom while you take a hot shower; the steam works wonders. 
  • If you spill something, blot the stain gently and don't rub it to avoid damage. 
  • Give your blazer a break between wears to prevent excessive wear and tear, and always follow the care label's instructions when it's time for a clean. 
  • Finally, regular brushing with a garment brush or lint roller can keep it looking fresh. 

These simple steps will ensure your blazer continues to impress without much fuss.

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Styling blazers for evening functions is all about striking the right balance between sophistication and comfort. 

Whether you're heading to a dinner date, a cocktail party, or a special event, a well-fitted blazer can be your go-to style companion. Remember to choose darker shades for that evening allure, pair them with complementary pieces, and remember to accessorise with confidence.

So, next time you're faced with a fancy evening invite, grab your blazer, add your flair, and step out with a dash of charm and a whole lot of style.


How do you wear a blazer in the evening?

To wear a blazer in the evening, choose a dark-coloured blazer, such as navy or black. Wear it with a crisp dress shirt, dress shoes, and formal trousers. You may dress it up with a tie for a more sophisticated look - perfect for dinners and evening events.

How do you wear a blazer to a party?

Choose a smart and slightly less formal approach while wearing a blazer to a party. Pair a well-fitted blazer with dark jeans or chinos for a smart casual look. You can layer a graphic T-shirt or a stylish patterned shirt and finish with trendy shoes or loafers, depending on the vibe of the party.

How can I look stylish in a blazer?

To look stylish in a blazer, the most important thing is the fit of the blazer. Make sure you style it with the right shirt, pants and accessories like a watch and pocket square.

What is the rule of wearing a blazer?

Blazers should fit properly - they should hug your shoulders and chest, with sleeves ending at your wrists. If you have a three-button jacket, button the top one 'sometimes,' the middle one 'always,' and the bottom one 'never.' A two-button suit is always buttoned at the top and never at the bottom.

Which colour of blazer is best for a party?

The colour of the blazer depends on the type of party you attend. If it’s more on the formal side, go for standard colours like navy blue, charcoal grey and black. If it’s an informal party, you can wear bright or pastel colours of your choice!