11 Trending Luxury Suits for Men In Dubai Today


Dubai, known for its extravagant lifestyle and fashion-forward culture, has become a hub for men and women seeking sartorial excellence and sophistication. And when it comes to dressing up in suits, there's no exception!

If you are looking for some fantastic suits to stock up on this season, we got you covered! In this blog, we reveal the 11 most sought-after luxury suits for men from Kachins Couture that are currently making waves in the fashion scene. 

From sleek and tailored designs to bold and daring patterns, these suits epitomise luxury and style. So, whether you're attending a high-profile event or simply want to buy a luxury suit, we hope our curated selection will guide you in choosing the best one!

What Makes a Suit Luxurious?

When it comes to luxury suits, there are certain elements that set them apart from the rest.  It's not just the price tag that makes a suit truly grand; it's also the painstaking craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into creating it.

  • The first and most important aspect is the quality of the fabric.  Luxurious suits are often made from premium fabrics like fine wool, cashmere, or silk, which feel soft and comfortable against your skin.
  • Another critical factor is the fit. A well-made suit that has been equipped to the wearer's measurements accentuates the silhouette and boosts confidence. 
  • Additionally, luxurious suits often feature intricate hand-stitched details, such as hand-rolled lapels and functional buttonholes, showcasing the artistry and skill of the tailor.
  • Finally, finishing details like linings and modest adornments offer the suits a sense of class and luxury.

Ultimately, the fusion of conventional techniques with contemporary tastes creates a luxurious suit, elevating it into an enduring symbol of style and status.

11 Trending Luxury Suits for Men In Dubai Today

Here’s the list of the most trending luxury suits for men, curated from Kachins Couture

1. Cognac Nights Brown Huddersfield Checks Suit


Picture yourself wrapped in timeless elegance, where rich cognac tones meet exquisite checks, blending classic charm with a modern touch. This suit is fashioned from premium wool, making it comfortable to wear all year long! 

Fabric & Composition: 100% Wool
Brand: Huddersfield
Construction: Half Canvas

2. Blue Racer Scabal Striped Suit


This suit is expertly tailored from high-quality materials and delivers more than just a look, It’s an experience - one that's sharp, confident, and uniquely you. Experience the classic style of stripes with a hint of modern flair that this suit brings to every occasion.

Fabric & Composition: 85 % Wool | 15 % Silk
Brand: Scabal
Construction: Half Canvas

3. Beluga Whale Grey Birdseye Suit


Capturing the essence of the majestic beluga whale, this suit is all set to grab attention at any special event. The intricate birdseye pattern gives texture and depth to this modern classic. Paired with black pants for a striking contrast, this stylish suit is your ticket to embracing a more refined look.

Fabric & Composition: 100% Wool
Brand: Kachins Signature Collection
Construction: Half Canvas

4. Burnt Olive Green Suit


Our Burnt Olive Green Suit is a gem from our luxury collection designed for the true connoisseur of style. The lavish olive green fabric speaks of sophistication and offers a year-round performance and a handle that feels nothing short of opulent.

Fabric & Composition: 100% Wool
Brand: Kachins Signature Collection
Construction: Half Canvas

5. Summer Wheat Brown Checks Tessilstrona Suit


Perfect for your summer wardrobe, this Tessilstrona suit is crafted from an exquisite combination of pure merino wool and fine silk, showcasing a tasteful fusion of white and brown checks. You can stand out effortlessly in this ensemble, both in a formal or relaxed setting.

Fabric & Composition: 90% Wool | 10% Silk
Brand: Tessilstrona
Construction: Half Canvas

6. Greyhound Checks Vitale Barberis Canonico Suit


Introducing the Greyhound Checks Vitale Barberis Canonico Suit – where suave meets sophistication. Get ready to command attention in this finely tailored ensemble with a striking greyhound check pattern. Crafted by the experts at Vitale Barberis Canonico, this luxury suit seamlessly blends tradition and modern flair.

Fabric & Composition: 90% Wool | 10% Silk
Brand: Tessilstrona
Construction: Half Canvas

7. Flamingo Fire Pink Holland & Sherry Suit


Slip into a burst of vibrant confidence with this striking flamingo pink suit set to take centre stage! Perfect for casual and semi-formal settings on a pleasant day, this suit is all about style and class, helping you make a statement wherever you go!

Fabric & Composition: 70% Wool | 30% Teclana
Brand: Holland & Sherry
Construction: Half Canvas

8. Butterfly Pea Blue Striped Delfino Suit


Experience elegance redefined with our Butterfly Pea Blue Striped Delfino Suit! This suit is the essence of Kachins' signature fabric collection – a fusion of the finest wool spun and woven to create comfort at all times! With the good old stripes, this suit encapsulates the sheer joy of wearing it.

Fabric & Composition: 100% Wool
Brand: Delfino
Construction: Half Canvas

9. Elated Azure Blue Holland & Sherry Suit


The soothing azure blue colour of this stunning suit emanates confidence and sophistication. It is constructed out of top-notch fabrics and provides an ideal fit with exceptional comfort. Suitable to wear all year long, this timeless and stylish attire will elevate your wardrobe to new levels.

Fabric & Composition: 70% Wool | 30% Teclana
Brand: Holland & Sherry
Construction: Half Canvas

10. Ultramarine Blue Checks Holland & Sherry Suit


Dressed in a captivating ultramarine blue and adorned with large checks, this suit is a testament to your discerning taste. Crafted from the finest Holland & Sherry fabrics, it makes a bold and refined statement for any formal occasion you plan to attend!

Fabric & Composition: 99% Wool | 1% Cashmere
Brand: Holland & Sherry
Construction: Half Canvas

11. Green Tree Boa Striped Suit


Step up your style game with the Green Tree Boa Striped Suit. This collection of suiting fabrics is designed for the modern man who values both style and comfort. The green striped fabric adds a touch of sophistication, while its luxurious handle ensures a comfortable fit all day long.

Fabric & Composition: 100% Wool
Brand: Kachins Signature Collection
Construction: Half Canvas

Kachins Couture: Luxurious Suits With A Modern Touch

Since its inception in 1981, Kachins has personified elegance and bespoke craftsmanship in every piece we create. As ambassadors for acclaimed fabric brands from Italy, Switzerland, and the UK, our 40-year journey has seamlessly blended heritage with innovation, making it quite a favourite among locals and the global crowd alike. 

From ready-to-wear suits and bespoke options for men, our collections encompass Kachins' unique glamour. 

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To summarise, this blog focuses on evolving fashion trends in the luxury suit industry, particularly in Dubai. 

Dubai, which is celebrated for its wealth and splendour, has an abundance of options for men looking for fashionable and sophisticated suits. From personalised designs to stunning fabrics, the blog shows the top 11 luxury suits in Kachins Couture that are now in high demand!

These suits not only embrace the most recent fashion trends but also encapsulate the essence of luxury and elegance without compromising the classic appeal of suits. 

Make a lasting impression at any formal event by staying up-to-date with the latest suit trends in Dubai!



What is the current trend in men's suits?

The current trend in men’s suits is wide lapels. A wide lapel draws attention upward and can be worn casually or to enhance any formal ensemble, whether it has a peak or notch.

Who makes the best suits for men?

While there are many brands that make top-class men’s suits across the globe, Kachins Couture is one of the most renowned luxury brands based in the UAE. We source premium fabrics from established brands in Italy, Switzerland, the UK and more to craft some of the best-looking suits for men.

What are the top 5 suits every man should own?

The top five suits every man must own are black, navy, grey, brown, and tan coloured suits.

What colour suit is most professional?

When it comes to suits, black is considered to be the most professional and formal colour, suitable for all occasions. Other professional colours include navy blue and charcoal grey.

How many suits should a man own?

As a rule of thumb, it’s usually recommended that you own three business suits at least. You can go for the classic colours and patterns and ensure they fit well for occasions like meetings, dinners, parties, weddings, etc.