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Summer is here, and with it comes the challenge of keeping your suits looking sharp despite the heat. The sweltering weather can take a toll on your favourite attire, causing issues like sweat stains, wrinkles, and fading.

However, there is no need to fret - by implementing a few intelligent techniques, you can ensure that your suits remain impeccable throughout the season.

Whether you have a hectic work schedule or are attending a summer gathering, these effective strategies will assist you in remaining cool, at ease, and impeccably attired. Let us explore how you can uphold the quality of your suits during the warm months!

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Steps on How to Care for a Suit in Summer

1. Avoid Sweat Stains

Few things are unattractive and lack professionalism as a damp spot on your freshly worn cotton suit. Moreover, excessive perspiration on suits not only results in unpleasant smells but also poses a risk of damaging the fabric. Regrettably, there is no guaranteed method to eliminate sweat. Instead, it is advisable to adopt preventive measures.

This entails refraining from opting for darker suits and instead choosing lightweight fabrics. Darker suits tend to absorb the sun's rays, and it is highly recommended to avoid them entirely to maintain a cool and comfortable demeanour.

Light colours like Blue offer a classic look during summer and make you stand out among others. Our collections include a variety of shades, from timeless light greys to contemporary pastels, ensuring there's a perfect complement to your style.

2. Maintain Your Suit Jacket

During the summer season, try to wear your suit jacket no more than twice a week and, if possible, even less frequently. Hang them in your closet on a rounded hanger to preserve their shape, and use a suit brush to ensure they remain free from dust. Additionally, run a lint roller over them and place each jacket in a cover to prevent dust accumulation.

Choose the suitable fabric: Opt for a light, breathable fabric that helps you stay cool during summer. It also enables air to flow through the suit, which helps to reduce sweating.

3. Maintain Proper Storage

Place each suit jacket in a breathable garment cover to protect it from dust accumulation. Invest in wide, rounded hangers that support the natural shape of your jackets. Avoid thin wire hangers, which can cause the shoulders to lose shape over time.

To maintain the longevity of your suit, it is advisable to use a soft-bristle brush to prevent the fibres from becoming soiled. However, exercise caution when using the brush to prevent any fabric damage. Although it may be tempting to dry-clean your suit frequently, it is prudent to avoid excessive dry-cleaning, as it has the potential to harm your garment.

4. Manage Sweat

Manage perspiration and safeguard your suit by using moisture-wicking undershirts and dress shields or armpit pads. These aid in absorbing sweat and averting stains. Moreover, swap your shirt more often to maintain the freshness of your suit for an extended period.

Furthermore, it is worth considering complementing your suit with Kachins' top-notch suspenders to enhance airflow and comfort. Doing so can minimise the necessity of a tight belt, resulting in improved air circulation and reduced perspiration accumulation.

5. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Safeguard your suits from fading by keeping them out of direct sunlight. Extended exposure to UV rays can harm the fabric and lead to colour fading. Utilise UV-protective sprays for extra defence and aim to wear your suits during cooler times of the day.

Choose lightweight solid cotton shirts to maintain a relaxed and comfortable feel while keeping your suit intact. Kachins provides a variety of shirts made from these breathable materials, which are ideal for combining with your suits during the summer season. Our top-notch fabrics guarantee a polished appearance and keep you cool, even in scorching temperatures.

6. Refresh Between Wears

After wearing your suit, it is essential to hang it in a ventilated area for a few hours before placing it back in the closet. This eliminates all the odours and allows the fabric to breathe and maintain its shape.

Lightly mist your suit with a fabric softener to neutralise the odours and enhance its appearance. Rotating your suits is essential to reducing the wear and tear of the suit and extending its life during the summer months.

Wrapping Up

We hope the above-listed pointers gave you valuable insights into how to care for your suit during the summer months. By employing effective methods and giving some additional care, you can ensure that your suits maintain their sharp appearance and provide comfort even in hot weather. Visit Kachins to explore their collection of custom suits and accessories, seamlessly blending style, quality, and comfort, allowing you to elevate your summer wardrobe.


How often should I dry clean my suit in the summer?

Dry cleaning should only be done when essential because too much cleaning will rip the fabric. The need for frequent dry cleaning can be decreased with spot cleaning and good upkeep.

Can I dress in a black suit during the summer?

To stay relaxed and comfortable in the summer heat, it's preferable to use lighter colours and fabrics. However, this is still achievable.

How should my suit be stored to avoid wrinkles?

To keep your suit in shape and avoid wrinkles, use wide, rounded hangers and store it in a breathable garment cover.

How can I maintain the fresh scent of my suit in between washes?

Hang your suit in a well-ventilated area after each wear and lightly mist it with a fabric freshener to eliminate odours.