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Dress to impress with the correct collar style! Explore seven essential collar types that elevate every man's wardrobe game from classic to contemporary.

The shirt collar has come a long way from massive, ruffled mediaeval collars to removable stiffs and flashy neck rolls!

Over the history of fashion, the shirts have seen a significant change. From a socio-cultural perspective, different collar styles have also significantly influenced how social rank, economic class, and occupation are displayed.

In this blog, we will delve into the different types of collar styles that make an eye-catching expression. Let's get started!

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 7 Different Types of Collar Styles

1. Classic Point Collar

The standard business collar is the 'point' collar. This collar is easily recognizable by its pointed ends. The collar width is limited to a maximum of 3.5 inches.

Therefore, it is perfect for pairing with classic office ties, as it prevents the folded edges of the tie from being exposed and ensures it stays securely in place around the neck.

When worn with a blazer or jacket, the pointed tips of this collar remain visible above the lapels. The point collar, one of the renowned collar styles, offers a moderate level of stiffness and is a popular choice for work attire.

Style tip

Perfect for hiding scarves and neckties, use these types of collar styles with a vibrant, statement-coloured tie for a stylish and striking appearance. This shirt can also be worn with the buttons down for a more relaxed, casual appearance. You have the option!

2. Button-Down Collar

Originally popularized in England's polo fields, the button-down collar has become a beloved trend today.

It accomplishes securing the collar points, giving the neckline a unique and fashionable look. Try wearing these collars with slim-fit jeans or chinos for a sophisticated appearance.

Style tip

For a classy, contemporary, and sophisticated look, leave the shirt untucked, but button it up to the collar tips.

3. Spread Collar

It is one of the most exquisite and unique types of collar style present. The "spread" collar is the best of all worlds: it is not as flashy as the spear collar, allowing it to be worn successfully without a jacket or overcoat, and it is spread out sufficiently that the collar points are readily covered even if you do wear a garment over the top.

Men's apparel is available in various styles from different clothing businesses.

Style tip

Pair your spread collared shirt with a leather jacket or a zipper moto to rule the smart-casual scene.

4. Spear Collar

The "spear" collar, a retro version of the point collar, gets its name from the collar points' extended points, which resemble spears.

These collars are ideal beneath blazers and other formal coats because of the length of the collar points, which are fully covered by the lapels.

The nostalgic charm of this collar can be enhanced by choosing one that contrasts, either in pattern or colour, with the rest of the shirt.

5. Club Collar

This vintage classic collar style is gaining tremendous popularity. Famous prestigious candidates wear it, resembling a 3-D folded version of the 'Peter-Pan' collar, known for its sleek and contemporary look.

Style tip

Pair this collar with a sweater vest and add a stylish beret hat to evoke a sense of classic menswear nostalgia. Whether for a formal occasion or a casual event, these collars can elevate your look and add a touch of sophistication.

6. Cut-Away Collar

This is a predominantly famous collar style, an extended version of the cut-away collar.

Points that slant back towards the shoulders define this collar, which is sleek and modern and looks great with or without a tie.

Style tip

Wearing it with a tie exposes a lot of silk on either side of the knot, whereas wearing a jacket hides the collar points beneath the lapels.

7. Band Collar

Also referred to as the "grandad" or "mandarin" collar, this design has recently had an unanticipated resurgence in popularity.

This is the most sartorial-relevant shirt collar of the twenty-first century, capturing the zeitgeist with a very contemporary style and perfecting the east-west cross-over.

It also offers us an idea of how future shirt collar interpretations may play out. Other collars are becoming optional since ties are nearly always not required.

Style tip

Team a Mandarin collar shirt with a fitted suit for a chic and contemporary take on formal wear. To keep your style refined, choose for subdued patterns or plain colours.

Wrapping Up

Choose from various shirt collar styles from Kachins Couture to embrace the pinnacle of sophistication and style. Every design is painstakingly created to enhance your appearance and make you stand out with classic style and unmatched quality.


Can I customize the fit of my Kachins shirt?

Yes! Kachins provides bespoke tailoring services so that your shirt will fit you perfectly.

Can I request a specific collar style for my Kachins shirt?

Certainly! Kachins Couture offers a range of collar styles, allowing you to personalize your shirt according to your preference.

What distinguishes Kachin's shirts from others?

Kachins shirts are a classic addition to any wardrobe because of their delicate fabrics, meticulous craftsmanship, and timeless elegance.

What kind of collar is appropriate for formal events?

The elegant button-down or the traditional spread collar are great options for formal occasions; they provide classic elegance and adaptability.