Styling Tips for Men with Different Body Types


Finding clothes that fit well and accentuate your best features can be challenging for any man. But if you have a specific body type, like being tall and thin or carrying extra weight, it's especially important to dress in a flattering way. 

In this blog, we'll break down the dos and don'ts of men's fashion based on your body shape. 

Whether you're lean and muscular, broad-shouldered, or have a belly, we'll provide practical styling hacks to make you feel confident from head to toe. 

Reading on, you'll discover how to choose complementary cuts, colours, and silhouettes that work with your natural physique. So get ready to step up your style game and start turning heads with these tips literally tailored for your type!

What Are The Different Body Types For Men?

Understanding your body type is crucial when it comes to dressing well and feeling confident about your appearance.


The better you understand your body type, the better-fitting clothes you can get, and ultimately, the better you look.

Here are the five different body types for men:

1. Rectangle

This body type is characterised by a relatively straight or slimmer shape, with shoulders and waist roughly the same width. Men with a rectangular body type are taller than most men and are considered longer than wider. 

2. Triangle

Triangle-shaped men have broader shoulders and a narrower waist and hips, giving them a V-shaped appearance. Fondly known as the “dad bod”, the best way to style this type is to draw attention to the shoulders and chest away from your waist.

3. Trapezoid

The trapezoidal body type is similar to the rectangle but with slightly broader shoulders and a more defined chest. This is the “average” body type in men and is often used as inspiration for making off-the-rack clothes. Men with this body type are referred to as athletic or sporty.

4. Oval

Oval-shaped men carry most of their weight around the midsection and usually have a rounder appearance. Men of this type are also mostly shorter in stature. The main goal for oval-shaped men is to slim down the torso/belly while also making it look longer.

5. Inverted Triangle

Broad shoulders and a narrower waist and hips characterise inverted triangle body types. This is the most common type for gym freaks and men who build muscle in the shoulders. Men with this body type should opt for clothes that balance out their proportions without making them look small.

Having a clear understanding of your body type will help you make informed clothing choices, making you look and feel good in any outfit you choose.

How To Dress For Your Body Type: Styling Tips

Now that we know all the body types, it’s time to discuss how to style each body type for the perfect look. Let’s get going!

1. Styling for Rectangle


Dressing for the rectangle type is usually easy since the proportions already exist. But the real trick is to not mess that up with your clothing choices. Men with this body type should avoid baggy and oversized clothes as they can hide your physique. It’s always best to go for well-fitted clothes as they enhance your structure and create the illusion of broad shoulders and chest.

Wardrobe must-haves:

  • Fitted shirts and t-shirts with a crew or round neck
  • Layering pieces like denim and leather jackets 
  • Slim-fit jeans and pants


Horizontal strips > Vertical stripes 

Colour: Colourful, Earthy, Neutral

2. Styling for Triangle


In a triangle, it’s important to properly match your shoulders and chest with your waist. It’s important to find a middle ground between fitted and oversized clothes as either of the two can give an illusion of wider hips- which we definitely want to avoid. The key is to draw attention to the shoulders and chest.

Wardrobe must-haves:

  • Well-fitted and patterned/textured shirts 
  • Shoulder-padded blazers and trench coats
  • Blue/black straight-fit jeans and pants
  • Avoid Polo shirts

Vertical strips > Horizontal stripes

Colour: Blacks, Greys, Browns, Dark Blues

3. Styling for Trapezoid


The trapezoid, or the “average” body type, has broad shoulders but is not overly muscular or bulky like the inverted triangle. Men of this type have a lot of options to choose from. However, baggy and oversized clothes should be avoided at any cost. Oversized clothes can be unflattering on this type and give off a shapeless look that hides the best features.

Wardrobe must-haves:

  • Tailored suits
  • Classic buttoned shirts
  • Slim-fit chinos and jeans
  • Avoid baggy clothes

Vertical strips / Horizontal stripes

Colour: Your choice

4. Styling for Oval


While men with oval-shaped body types usually tend to hide their bodies in loose or big clothes, it’s actually counterproductive and will only make them look shapeless. The key is to wear well-fitting clothes that are not too tight or loose in order to slim down the body and help them look their best!

Wardrobe must-haves:

  • V-neck shirts
  • Long jackets and coats
  • Comfortably loose trousers at the waist 
  • Avoid patterned shirts

Vertical strips + Horizontal stripes = Plaid 

Colour: Dark colours like Black, Grey, and Navy

5. Styling for Inverted Triangle


Men of this type should avoid both overly loose or uncomfortably small clothes as either of them can break your look. It’s best if you wear tight-fitting clothes to minimise visual distraction and highlight your torso's clean, angular lines. Balance the proportions of your well-developed upper body while adding volume to your midriff and lower body.

Wardrobe must-haves:

  • Slim/tight-fitting shirts
  • V-neck or round-neck t-shirts
  • Slim-fit (not skinny fit) or straight-legged jeans and trousers
  • Avoid heavy and bold prints
  • Avoid suit jackets and padded blazers

Vertical strips > Horizontal stripes

Colour: Dark and Earthy Solid Colours

These wardrobe essentials are chosen to help each body type enhance its natural attributes and achieve a balanced, stylish appearance. 

However, remember that personal style and comfort are paramount so feel free to adapt these suggestions to your individual preferences. 

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With some attention to fit and flattering details, any man can feel confident and look his best regardless of his body shape. The right clothes can help accentuate strengths and minimise perceived weaknesses. 

We hope the styling hacks covered here have given you new ideas to play up your natural physique. Remember, true style comes from finding what makes you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin. 

So get out there and start putting these tips into action. You'll be surprised at how much better you can feel when you dress for your shape. 

Keep exploring what works for you - your best look is yet to come!


What body types are commonly recognised in men's fashion?

The main body types for men are- rectangle, trapezoid, inverted triangle, triangle, and oval.

Can men with shorter stature look taller with the right styling?

Yes, shorter men can appear taller by wearing monochromatic outfits, opting for vertical stripes, and ensuring their clothes fit well without being too long or baggy.

What should tall men consider when styling their outfits?

Tall men should balance their proportions by avoiding overly loose clothing, incorporating horizontal patterns, and choosing shoes that don't add unnecessary height.

How can men with broader shoulders enhance their style?

Men with broad shoulders can create a balanced look by avoiding shoulder-padded clothing, opting for V-neck shirts, and wearing slim-fit jackets and blazers.

Are there universal style tips for all body types?

Yes, certain style principles apply to everyone, regardless of body type. These include wearing well-fitted clothing, paying attention to colour coordination, and investing in quality wardrobe essentials like a good pair of shoes and versatile clothes.