Mastering the Red Carpet Look: Tuxedo Wearing Tips from Celebrities


Stepping onto the red carpet is an art that many celebrities have mastered. From finding the perfect tuxedo fit to nailing accessory details, the A-list surely knows how to dress to impress under the lights!

In this blog post, we share some of Hollywood's best-kept style secrets to make you feel as confident and polished as your favourite stars. 

Whether you have a black tie event or film premiere on your calendar, make sure to take notes from these debonair gentlemen and, of course, their designers to have all eyes on you!

Be it tailoring tricks or finishing flourishes, we guarantee that you will look elegant enough to pose for the flashing cameras! 

Keep reading to learn more!

The Theory of Tuxedos: What’s It All About?

The tuxedo is an iconic symbol of elegance and sophistication and comes with a rich history and a fascinating theory behind its design. At its core, the tuxedo represents an evolution in men's formal wear, offering a blend of tradition and modernity.

This theory revolves around the idea of balance and contrast. A tuxedo is designed to strike the perfect equilibrium between formal and relaxed, classic and contemporary. 

The black dinner jacket, with its sharp lapels and satin trim, exudes formality, while the white dress shirt and black bowtie provide a timeless touch. The contrasting elements create a visual harmony that ensures you stand out at any formal event.

Moreover, the tuxedo also plays a role in the wearer's confidence and demeanour. When donning a tuxedo, you instantly adopt a refined posture and an air of self-assuredness. This psychological boost can be attributed to the tuxedo's association with special occasions, where looking your best is non-negotiable.

The Rule Of Thumb In Tuxedos

A classic tuxedo consists of a simple black or midnight-blue wool suit with a satin or grosgrain lapel and preferably a peaked collar to set it apart from the notch design popular in business wear. 

Tuxedos are typically worn with black bow ties that match the lapel facing, black dress socks made of silk or fine wool, and black dress shoes.  The pants are typically banded at the outer seam with a single strip of silk or satin. 

Although they have recently become less popular, vests and cummerbunds are classic accessories for formal attire.

The Basic Components of a Tuxedo

Before we jump into styling a tuxedo, let’s first understand the different components of a tuxedo and how they work together to give you the perfect look.

1. The Jacket


At the heart of a tuxedo is the jacket, often referred to as a dinner jacket or tuxedo coat. Its distinguishing features include satin lapels, typically peak or shawl, and satin-covered buttons. A tuxedo jacket typically comes in colours like black, ivory and midnight blue for formal events.

The jacket's tailored fit and exquisite detailing set the tone for the entire look, offering a sleek and polished appearance.

2. The Shirt


Beneath the jacket, a crisp white dress shirt is a must. It should have a pleated front or plain bib, a wingtip collar, and French cuffs to accommodate cufflinks. It's preferable if the shirt is made of solid white twill or broadcloth.

The shirt's clean, classic design complements the jacket and tie, creating a harmonious contrast.

3. The Pants


Tuxedo pants are typically black or matching the jacket's colour, featuring a satin stripe down the outer seam. They should be well-fitted but not tight, allowing for comfort and mobility. 

The absence of belt loops is also another characteristic feature. If you wish to sport a more modern look, you can also wear pants that end slightly above the ankle.

4. The Shoes


Black patent leather or highly polished black dress shoes (especially cap-toe shoes) are the ideal choice for tuxedos. Their glossy finish adds a touch of sophistication to the ensemble. If you're going for pants above ankle length, textured loafers are also a good option.

5. The Tie


Traditionally, a black bowtie is the go-to option for tuxedos. It should be a self-tie bowtie for that added dash of authenticity. However, neckties can be worn with tuxedos, too, for a more informal look.  A well-tied tie completes the formal look with a touch of charm.

6. Other Accessories


Other accessories can elevate your tuxedo game. A cummerbund or a formal waistcoat can be worn to cover the waistband. Additionally, you can wear cufflinks, a pocket square, and a boutonniere to match your personal style and the occasion's formality.

To craft a timeless tuxedo look, it is essential to understand and select these basic components with care and attention to detail.

How to Wear Your Tuxedo: Tips from Celebrities and Designers

When it comes to donning a tuxedo, who better to turn to for style advice than the celebrities and designers who have mastered the art of red carpet elegance? 

Here are some valuable tips straight from the experts themselves:

1. Always Follow The Basic Rules

Before playing around with your tuxedo, it’s always important to follow the basic rules of how and when to wear your shirts and jackets. Tom Ford, a well-known fashion designer and stylist, emphasises the value of learning the foundations before experimenting with clothing.

“I didn’t grow up in a wealthy family. We were a middle-class American family. But we knew the rules. We knew that an afternoon wedding was a daytime suit, that black shoes were worn with blue suits and brown shoes with grey,” he says.

“You can break the rules, of course,” he says, emphasising experimenting with colours, patterns and themes without deviating from the standard rules.

2. The Fit Of Your Tux Is Paramount

According to Michael Hainey, the deputy editor of GQ Magazine, your tailor is your best friend. For a tuxedo to look perfectly tailored for you, you must pay attention to your fit. Hainey emphasises on the importance of snug fitting even if you consider yourself a big guy. 

He thought it odd that guys spent so much time in the gym getting their bodies well-toned and fit but were still seen wearing suit coats that were two sizes too big.

He draws examples from celebrities like Jackie Gleason and LeBron James, who pull off a snug fit well despite their size. 

3. Better Your Silhouette, Better The Look

Christopher Bailey, Burberry's chief creative officer, values suits that convey confidence through their clean detailing and structured shoulders. However, he acknowledges that terms like "strict shoulders" may appear daunting to the average consumer. 

He says, “But I always feel that suits that give you a silhouette with clean details, defined lines and strict shoulders give more of a sense of confidence without trying too hard.”

In essence, he encourages individuals to explore their personal style while still appreciating the transformative power of well-tailored, confidence-boosting suits.

4. Pay Attention To How You Button The Suit

When wearing a standard two-button suit, it's crucial to position the closure correctly. According to men's wear expert Alan Flusser, this positioning is akin to defining an anatomical equator, and the closure should be at bellybutton latitude. 

This positioning creates a visually pleasing balance between the jacket and your pants and prevents the jacket from appearing too short or too long. Following this tip also helps you show off a flattering silhouette.

5. Choose One Statement Accessory

Rather than many competing elements, choose one accessory that really stands out, as this helps the outfit feel polished and put-together. Opt for colours, patterns or textures that you don't typically wear. It can be something eye-catching but not overly loud or flashy.

Adam Glassman, creative director of O Magazine, advises wearing one bold accessory piece with a formal outfit, such as a vibrant tie or oversized watch, as a way for clothing to communicate personality.

Remember, this accessory should complement the overall look rather than clash or be too dominant. 

These tips from celebrities and designers will help you master the art of wearing a tuxedo with style and confidence.

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With a few pointers from the most stylish men in the business, we hope you're ready for your red carpet moment! Remember that confidence is key, and once you feel comfortable in your well-fitted tux, you'll radiate nothing but poise! 

You can also take some visual cues from these celebrity gentlemen on small details that make a big difference for the perfect look. 

Most of all, embrace your own sense of personal flair. With the right tailoring and accessories in your arsenal, you'll be all set to own the room effortlessly!


How do you stand out in a tuxedo?

The key to standing out in a tuxedo is the accessories. If you’re wearing a black dinner jacket, make your ensemble interesting by adding colourful or patterned accessories to it. You can also wear your bow tie and pocket square in contrasting colours unless you don’t clash with the patterns.

How to dress a black tuxedo?

Keep your attire simple with a silk black bow tie and a black jacket. The outer seam of the standard black-tie tuxedo pants will also have a satin stripe. Lastly, choose a white pleated tuxedo shirt with a wingtip collar and French cuffs.

What makes a tuxedo special?

The basic difference between a suit and a tuxedo is the satin cloth lining on the lapel of the jacket and the side of the pants of the tuxedo, making it look more elegant and refined, perfect for upscale and high-end events.

What shirt to wear with a tuxedo?

The most formal and traditional shirt to wear with a tuxedo is a white dress shirt with a pleated bib front and French cuffs. The fabric should be a solid colour, such as twill or broadcloth. Pair it with a black bow tie for a classic look.

Can I wear a tuxedo without a tie?

Yes, you can wear a tuxedo without a tie if you’re going for a more informal look. While neckties and bow ties are usually preferred for business and formal wear, respectively, going tie-less can be the perfect laid-back look for an informal setting.